15 People Who Worked Hard to Achieve Their Goals and Are Happy to Share Their Progress With Us

2 years ago

weight-loss journey is never easy, and it might take months or even years to get your dream body. And these strong people prove that things like giving up your favorite cake and spending hours at the gym totally pay off. They now look like better versions of themselves, and their willpower can motivate us all.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything understand that getting in shape can be very challenging. And we chose 15 impressive “before and after” pictures of people who refused to give up.

“Still got a long way to go, but I’m better off than I was!”

“I was trapped in a toxic sorority, hiding under layers of makeup. As of today, it’s almost been 2 years since I got out, and I feel so free.”

“I lost 168 pounds.”

“Minus 70 pounds — my face went from a circular spoon to a sharp knife!”

“Before and after chin and jaw liposuction — I’m so happy!”

“I lost 42 pounds and am happy about the way my face changed.”

“I lost 28 pounds. I have a neck!”

“I still have 45 pounds left to lose, but I’m happy that I can finally wear pencil skirts with confidence, and I’m not ashamed to look in the mirror anymore.”

“From January 2020 to April 2021, maintaining since April and happier than ever”

“Feeling so much better!”

“Invest in something you won’t regret in...yourself!”

“2011 vs 2021 — 2-year anniversary of hitting my goal weight”

“After losing 100 lb I’m 3 weeks skin removal post-op and already back to working out.”

“I look different. Might be the new glasses...”

“Same bathroom, different girl”

What would you change about your appearance? Or maybe you already have. Share your photos in the comments below.


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