«Can She at Least Comb Her Hair!» People Criticized Pamela Anderson’s Recent Outing

3 months ago

Pamela Anderson gave up makeup last year. People admire her boldness and natural appearance. But a recent appearance by the actress has sparked a backlash: she was accused of looking unkempt, with comments saying that she didn’t even bother to brush her hair for the Oscars.

Last year, Pam radically changed her image.

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She said, «„I’d rather show my freckles... It’s fun getting old. It’s a relief. And at a certain age, we just look younger and fresher without makeup. This is me—I’m happy with who I am right now. It’s a new world, and I’m very grateful for all of the love.“

She spends money on taking care of herself and on sports, and I’m no longer interested in buying cosmetics.» Additionally, according to her, true beauty comes from within.

A yellow, floral dress that stole the show.

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At 56, the celebrated actress and writer graced the event in a dress as radiant as the morning sun. Adorned with sparkling sequins and delicate, translucent details, her gown was a vision of floral elegance. Her son, 27-year-old Brandon Thomas Lee, was her date to the Vanity Fair Oscar event and he complemented her style with a timeless tuxedo, complete with a classic bow tie.

Pamela’s make-up free look was refreshing to the eyes.

Pamela’s decision to embrace a makeup-free look was supported by her golden locks that framed her face with effortless grace. This isn’t the first time Pamela has attended an event bare-faced, the actress actually made a decision to go makeup-free a few months back and has stayed true to her word so far.

Her look received mixed reactions.

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While fans praised Pamela for her bravery, many were not super happy about her choice and her dress. «Make up free is cool, but why did she start dressing in tablecloths?» commented a person. «I commend her courage...but there is a time and place for everything and this just ain’t it,» added another. Several people also pointed out that not wearing makeup is one thing, but she could have at least gotten her hair done, «gorgeous, but can she at least comb her hair!», expressed a fan. «...the hair is tragic,» added another.

«Come on, Pam, you are at the Vanity Fair, not hanging out on your couch, put some coverage on!’ wrote one commenter. «I get you don’t want to wear make up, but not doing your hair either? What’s a curling iron going to hurt?» added another.

We are completely on the side of the actress. It takes courage and self-confidence for a woman to abruptly give up makeup. There are many famous women who boldly share their photos without makeup, highlighting natural beauty and encouraging self-acceptance.

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She looks amazing without all that makeup and the dress looks good on her and fits her well.


I think she looks terrible, I don't wear make up like when I was young,but I still wear a mostiure tint and a swipe of mascara


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