15 Times Online Shoppers Only Got Tears in the Mail

2 years ago

Ordering things online may make our life easier, but it can also bring us countless disappointments. And sometimes, it doesn’t matter how many times we check the reviews or make sure the seller is legit, because things happen. Incredibly hysterical things though, like receiving a deformed plushie or an extremely tiny sock.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected a few cases where people got the short end of the stick when buying online.

1. “My family recently moved to Florida so I wanted to protect them from the sun.”

2. “Just give it a clear coat and it’ll look exactly the same.”

3. This teddy bear slightly differs from the image on the website.

4. “It’s about a third of the size it’s supposed to be.”

5. “It’s my mother’s 45th birthday today, so I ordered her a nice $30 bouquet online.”

6. “The cat is like: ’Maybe next time, you’ll measure me’.”

7. They would fit perfectly on a baby.

8. Instagram vs tagged photo

9. At least she got the feathers on the dress.

10. “Ordered this Batman Christmas ornament back in October. This is what arrived today.”

11. “That’s a carpet sample”

12. “Ooooh, that’s a lovely big chest of drawers! Wait...”

13. “These alligator socks I bought my partner for Christmas”

14. “The dress I ordered vs what arrived a month later.”

15. “This lion dog toy my mom bought online. Dog loves it but I can’t stop laughing.”

Which of these photographs made you laugh the most? Have you ever received terrible products that weren’t even somewhat close to your expectations?

Preview photo credit cosmicgirl03 / Reddit


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