19 Old Pictures That Prove Our Grandparents Knew How to Have Fun and Get Amazing Shots

2 years ago

When we are teenagers, it is hard for us to imagine what our grandparents looked like in their youth. If we want to know about their lives, we often turn to their children’s stories or go through family albums, and then we end up being surprised by their dapper faces, their way of dressing, and even their hairstyles. These photos of yesteryears function as little time capsules.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we want to shed light on old images, whose protagonists are cool grandparents.

1. “My excited grandmother holding her ticket to a Beatles concert (Australia 1964).”

2. “My grandfather in 1960”

3. “My beautiful grandmother back in the 70s”

4. “Barranquilla, 1950: Get yourself a girl that looks at you the way my grandma looked at my grandpa.”

5. “My grandmother with her first child, 1903.”

6. “My Grandfather, 1948”

7. “My Grandmother at 16 in 1956”

8. “My maternal grandfather sometime in the 1910s ...”

9. “My old school cool grandmother (she’s with the shades) [1950s]”

10. “My great grandmother, on the right, turned 100 today. She had to cut her hair short and pretend to be a boy because, at that time, they didn’t allow girls into turkey shoots. (circa 1927)”

11. “My Grandma looking old school cool at the beach circa 1945. She wanted to throw away a stack of these old photos because she didn’t think there was anything special about them.”

12. “My late grandpa and his twin working in aeronautics, 1959.”

13. “Grandpa adopting an ex military mascot dog, London, 1938”

14. “The final proof from a shoot for my grandma’s business card in 1992. She became a top selling realtor across the company that year.”

15. “My suave Grandpa from the 1940’s”

16. “I found this cleaning out my Nana’s condo. She recently suffered a stroke and is struggling with dementia, but when I showed her this she remarked ‘Look at that, wasn’t I something?’ and smiled :) [Circa 1958]”

17. “My grandmother, Miami, 1962. I never got to meet her but I hope as her namesake, I’m as cool as her.”

18. “My grandmother, Spain, 1958”

19. “My grandad looking all kinds of cool circa 1983.”

What memorable adventures or stories have you been told about your grandparents?

Preview photo credit legalwolverine / Reddit


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