15 Women Shared Photos Clearly Showing That Men May Age, but They Never Grow Up

2 years ago

Most women will agree that living with a man can be like having another child. Whether it’s putting up toilet paper rolls instead of blinds, or sending you hilarious pictures while you’re at work, there are countless daily examples that men just refuse to grow up. And while we laugh at their jokes or even scold them sometimes for messing up the simplest tasks, we’re all just a little bit jealous of their childlike zest for life.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we have rounded up some pictures that prove the first 40 years of childhood are truly the hardest for men.

“I asked my husband for just one thing on my birthday.”

“What my husband sends me while I’m at work.”

“Asked my husband for a salad...this is what he brought back!”

“My husband made a barrier, and these two are not happy about it.”

“About 9 months ago, my husband asked me to teach him to knit. I present to you a washcloth that was finally bound off today.”

“My boyfriend made me a dinosaur in a forest.”

“My husband went to grab me tampons and came back with a ’happy period’ gift bag.”

“I asked my husband to buy zucchinis.”

“I told my boyfriend I’d be open to making a small gingerbread house with him, and this is what he brought over.”

“I asked my boyfriend to bake croissants for our dinner.”

“My boyfriend is always mindful of the things I say or do. So, he gave me this set of knitting needles on Valentine’s Day.”

“I asked my husband to put up blinds!”

“I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photoshoot, so I told a dad joke.”

“Today is a big day for my husband!”

“Went to change the toilet paper in my boyfriend’s bathroom.”

What crazy things do the men in your life do? Share your stories in the comments below.

Preview photo credit sailorangel59 / Reddit


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