19 Times Nature Was Inspired by a Very Powerful Muse

2 years ago

Living on Earth is like inhabiting an immense art gallery. Everywhere we walk we can find diverse natural works: giant flowers, animals with unique characteristics, perfect raindrops on a plant. Some lucky people who had a camera at hand were able to capture one of these works created by Mother Nature.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we wanted to share with you these images that show how wonderful and amazing the world around us is.

1. “This is what a cow’s mouth looks like inside.”

2. “This big orange mushroom I found today”

3. “🔥 These perfect raindrops that formed on my strawberry plant”

4. “A beekeeper forgot to put a frame in the box, and this is what they made after one week.”

5. “Blue fungus that turned the whole interior of this stick blue”

6. “This tree looks like a dragon.”

7. “This rock looks like a decapitated dragon’s head.”

8. “This concrete post at our playground looks like a moon.”

9. “Leaf I found on my car”

10. “The size of this carrot”

11. “Looked like a love sign”

12. “The sun and the window decided to show us a real example of the dispersion of white light during the lecture.”

13. “DNA-shaped cloud formation I saw the other day.”

14. “A berry big strawberry”

15. “A full rain... circle”

16. “My dog’s eyes resemble cracked ice.”

17. “This red D’Anjour pear I bought”

18. “A double banana”

19. “This monster sunflower head from my dad’s garden.”

Have you ever come across a complete rainbow or a strangely shaped vegetable? What surprises has nature given you?

Preview photo credit ImSquanchingHere77 / Reddit


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