15 Times the Universe Activated Ninja Mode

2 years ago

Every once in a while people stumble upon examples of perfect camouflage in the real world. The fascinating thing is that most of the time it’s completely accidental. They’re just extraordinary coincidences, like having a friend’s clothes match the background behind them to a T.

Now I’ve Seen Everything challenges your vision with some cases of chameleon-like vanishings.

1. “The camouflage on this snake I found.”

2. “Mini heart attack, thought I lost my iPad...”

3. “All we see is a floating head.”

4. “Couldn’t find my tortilla.”

5. “I looked down and lost my legs.”

6. “I didn’t realize my dog was in the photo.”

7. How to lose your napkins.

8. “My calendar didn’t tear cleanly.”

9. “My jelly shoe is perfectly camouflaged with this asphalt!”

10. “Almost squished this guy into the carpet when I got home from work.”

11. “Unintentionally mushroom risotto matches my countertop.”

12. “My 2 cats.”

13. “The way my rainboot perfectly matches this bar stool.”

14. “New dog bed”

15. “My friend learning to snowboard”

Have you ever taken a camouflaged picture of someone or something like the ones we’ve shown you? We’d love to rack our brains a little more and try to find the hidden chameleons, so please share them with us.

Preview photo credit FelixTheHouseLeopard / Reddit


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