19 Times People Shared Their Money Saving Tips, and We All Can Take Notes

2 years ago

Ads and social media can easily trick us into buying things we don’t really need. Many of us can relate to a situation where we go to the store to buy something small and end up spending much more money than we planned. If this sounds familiar, you’ll definitely find value in the hacks and tips shared by these people.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe it’s always better to give a second chance to old things rather than rush to buy something brand new. And the heroes of this article know how to do this in a very creative way.

1. “Some cheap Rit dye made my old backpack look new again.”

2. “Vet didn’t give us cones when they got spayed so we improvised! (We made sure they could breathe and eat just fine.)”

3. “My fiancé wanted to flatten her pockets with an iron but realized we didn’t have one. Showed her you can get one by using a pot of boiling water and a spray bottle. I guess growing up poor can come in handy.”

4. “A friend of mine gave me these 30-year-old speakers for free because the foam had disintegrated.”

“I spent $30 on a foam kit and a couple of hours on them in the evening, and they’re as good as new. I love fixing things!”

5. “I’m using dollar store dryer balls as shiatsu massage balls. In the past, I purchased the same type of balls from my physiotherapist for $40. These cost $1.25 at the dollar store and work just as well.”

6. “I refinished a bunch of Applaro pieces from Facebook Marketplace for our patio! After hours of sanding, staining, and polishing, I’m super happy with the outcome.”

7. “Trim laundry scoops to prevent overuse (and waste).”

8. “Instead of buying a new $300 chandelier, I bought this antique one for $40 and spent a few hours buffing it clean.”

9. “I needed something to support my plant, so I used chopsticks.”

10. “A broken television becomes a new bed and a toy for a kitten. That’s how you save $20 at a pet store for a comfy new spot.”

11. “I fixed my purse after breaking it instead of throwing it out. It’s a small mend job, but I’m pretty proud of it.”

12. “Instead of buying brand new pieces, my significant other is saving us money by painting over old wall art she’s tired of and mimicking what she sees in stores.”

13. “A new dog collar from an old belt — I cut it down and drilled new holes.”

14. “Instead of buying a strap that costs more than the watch itself, I made a new one with stuff I already had.”

15. “My pillowcase kept sliding off. Instead of buying a new one, I just made 2 slits and tied a ribbon through it to hold the case!”

16. “After our shower was renovated, the curtain rod sat several inches higher than the old one. Instead of buying a new shower curtain, I bought a few packs of shower curtain rings for about $6 to make it long enough!”

17. “I made new covers for my headphones. They’re very comfy.”

18. “When your bar soap gets wafer thin, you can still use it up all the way by pressing it onto the next bar when it’s sudsy and letting it dry.”

19. “I was looking for something to hold a tealight. Yogurt was good, too.”

What do you like to save money on? And what would you never pinch pennies on? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit dogmetal / Reddit


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