15+ People Who Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Bed

2 years ago

The ancient Romans believed that the right side of anything was connected to positive forces, while the left side was associated with sinister ones. That’s why they always attempted to get up and exit on the literal right side of the bed. Over time, waking up the “wrong” way became an expression that we attribute to bad luck — just like what happened to the unfortunate people on this list.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found several photos that show what an encounter with “sinister forces” may look like, and we hope these people had much better luck after their mishaps.

1. “My puppy ate my passport.”

2. “My sister’s makeup bag after my dad accidentally sat on it.”

3. “My dad got rid of a perfectly functional mirror and put this new mirror up unevenly.”

4. “I guess not today...”

5. “My wedding ring just fell apart this morning.”

6. “One of the coffee tubes, with 7.7 pounds of coffee, burst while my district manager was there”

7. “The only path back to my room is blocked by cute, but incredibly angry, sea lions.”

8. “After fixing my hair trimmer, I forgot to put the depth thing on.”

9. “My Spanish teacher”

10. “When the refrigerator gets a little bit too cold and freezes breakfast”

11. “I tried curling my hair and failed miserably.”

12. “Got a surprise in my bath”

13. “The lid of the salt dispenser is in my breakfast.”

14. “The letters from this bottle stuck to my finger.”

15. “A mosquito flew into my pancake as I was making one for dinner.”

16. “I go to put my winter boots on this morning and this happens.”

17. “Woke up to this giant water bubble in my apartment.”

18. “What I asked for vs what I got. I paid $400 for this.”

Can you relate to any of the photos above? What is your secret tip for getting rid of a bad morning?

Preview photo credit Vegemiteonpikelets/Reddit


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