19 Photos That Prove Babies and Pets Have a Very Special Bond

2 years ago

Scientists believe that having pets while growing up has many benefits for children. They become more confident, compassionate, and have more trust in relationships. What is more, adopting a pet when you have a small child means that they are both guaranteed a good friend.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found these 19 photos that prove kids and pets can be absolutely inseparable.

1. “Our cat had kittens 2 days after we had our baby girl. This kitten climbs into her lounger with her whenever he has the chance. I think these 2 were destined to be best buds.”

2. “Lloyd and his new sister MacKayla”

3. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 4 legs, sometimes, we all need a hug.

4. “My mom’s dog, Roscoe, is at his happiest when my 6-year-old son goes to visit.”

5. “I’m so proud of my fur baby for how he has adjusted to his new sister! He gives her lots of kisses and always brings his ball to her thinking she can play.”

6. “Baby puppy wig”

7. “Siberian kitten sleeping with her baby :)”

8. “To think we were worried about how the dog would react to the new baby.”

9. First picture is when they met, and on the right, you can see how much they love each other a year later.

10. “My new cat Lucy made friends with my son.”

11. “3-day-old gets greeted by the house guardian. They’ve barely met but they already love each other so much!”

12. It seems that the dog still has to get used to the idea of having a new member of the family.

13. “This is the first time my brother’s Pitbull was around a baby.”

14. “Double dad duty”

15. “Best of naps when you have a fluffy cat for a pillow. My son when he was 1.5.”

16. “Snuggling baby bro”

17. “A pitty and his baby...”

18. “Day 1 vs day 14 of my brother’s dog Riley meeting her new sister, Scarlett”

19. “The most patient cat... They have loved each other from the minute our boy was born!”

Do you think children and animals can get along? Tell us if you had a pet when you were a child and what its name was.

Preview photo credit Hoot2687 / Reddit


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