20 Designs That Would Make the Barometer of Weirdness Explode

2 years ago

Bad designs can be sorted into two categories. The non-functional everyday items, that make our lives much more challenging and stressful. And the ones that look so bad that we see them as hilarious and quirky pieces to collect and show to our friends. Either way, we should keep in mind that even bad designs were created by someone who had good intentions at heart, and that everyone is allowed to fail from time to time.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has collected a bunch of designs so surprisingly outrageous that they will catch your breath and give you a good laugh.

1. ’’I just went through my old shoe collection and realized I always had an impeccable sense for style.’’

2. “Spider-Man in a spider car”

3. “Neo-Oldism.”

4. ’’This seashell Kitten my mom loves is absolutely horrifying.’’

5. “This wheelchair ramp at a local pharmacy”

6. “This knob on the floor in front of the toilet in my hotel room that seems designed to break my toes”

7. “They completely blocked the view of the actual ocean with poorly painted glass panels.”

8. “The design on this shirt looks like you just spilled coffee on yourself.”

9. ’’I found this chicken purse roosting.’’

10. “Pillars on the side of an apartment building”

11. “Here let me guide you to this puddle.”

12. Bathroom stall with a view

13. “Green means GO AWAY.”

14. “Found this gem in my friend’s new rental.”

15. “This portable heater has started to melt its own handle.”

16. ’’My brother is a landscaper and I found this one day.’’

17. “Found this gem at a rural gas station.”

18. “Tucson, Arizona left turn traffic light. Red and Green?”

19. “This fence blocking you from following the path.”

20. ’’The ’Pussycat chair’ found on my local craigslist.’’

What is the most absurd design that you’ve ever seen? Was it just a malfunction or a genuinely bad concept?


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