20 Designs Worth Keeping an Eye on (Or Even Two)

2 years ago

If there is one thing we humans are known for, is our ingenuity. A dishwasher that projects the remaining washing time on the floor or a tablecloth made of QR codes with the menu of a restaurant prove that human beings have no limits when it comes to coming up with new, cool, and super useful inventions.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found designs that could amaze you for the level of ingenuity they require to be created.

1. “Adore these little coat hooks —not sure where they’re from.”

2. “Pedestrian crossing light depicting two lovers.”

3. “Neighbors turned a lawn chair into a porta potty.”

4. “The dishwasher at my parents projects the remaining time on the floor below.”

5. “This little pin and hole in a urinal at Amsterdam Airport.”

6. “These parking meters have creative shadows.”

7. There are no limits to what design can do.

8. “Origami bird lamp.”

9. “A circular entrance (Moon gate) to People’s park in Chengdu city, China.”

10. “Coffee Comma”

11. “A measuring tape/leveller/notepad with pen.”

12. “The bottle on this cup is transparent so it empties as you drink.”

13. “The classic red checkered pattern of the tablecloth of this restaurant is made of QR codes for their menu.”

14. “A push/pull sign on the door of a glasses shop.”

15. “Periodic table shelving in a university lab.”

16. “The way my hotel displays room numbers.”

17. The shape of these scissors.

18. “This cup with a tea-spoon stand built in, the handle is also redesigned in such a way that’s it’s perfectly comfortable to hold.”

19. “This genius water bottle cap that I never saw before.”

20. “No confusion as to direction.”

What object have you purchased that you can proudly boast about because of the creativity imprinted on it?

Preview photo credit chris102099 / Reddit


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