20 Fluffies That Were Caught Being Extra Weird

2 years ago

Animals can have strong personalities. Some are extremely clingy, wrapping themselves around their owners once they get home, and others have such a passion for food, they’re like a magnet to cake. Luckily, some hoomans manage to capture their best and worst behavior on camera, creating truly hysterical gems.

Now I’ve Seen Everything created a display of animal pics that will have you belly laughing in no time.

1. “Just when you thought it was safe to walk around barefoot.”

2. “Trying to teach my daughter to hold the cat properly and captured this gem.”

3. “Birthday boy turns 6 and wants his cake.”

4. Honey, there’s something wrong with the window cleaners!

5. “Accidentally said the word ’walk’ while talking to my boyfriend.”

6. “My lippers are exhausted, said George.”

7. “Photobomb”

8. “He’s used to having the backseat to himself.”

9. “Sequoia believes we won’t notice her sneaky attempts to come to work today.”

10. “I feel like my dog’s expressions are being under-utilized.”

11. “Resting while his nose is against the wall”

12. “Relationship epiphany”

13. “Stop taking pictures and help!”

14. “My dog and cat’s relationship”

15. “When I come home from work, he tries to make sure I can never leave him ever again.”

16. “He loves me, I swear.”

17. “Loki’s got too much cattitude.”

18. “I suggested we go inside, and was immediately side eyed.”

19. “Stop touching muh’ face with yo’ face!”

20. “I want the ices.”

Did any of these pics remind you of your pet? Feel free to share this article with your loved ones to brighten their day.

Preview photo credit LOERMaster / Reddit


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