20 Furry Babies That Grew Up and Didn’t Lose One Bit of Cuteness

2 years ago

Having a pet is like having a little baby. You usually get one when it’s really small and in need of care and attention, and you see it grow day by day. It becomes a real member of the family and a true friend that, although unable to talk to you, is there to comfort you.

Out little furry friends grow up so fast, and Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to remind you that you should cherish every moment with them.

1. “What a difference seven months make.”

2. 6 weeks vs 8 months

3. When you grow up, but your place doesn’t.

4. “Nad growing up...”

5. “This stomping hooligan has grown up for 9 months.”

6. “Not much has changed in 2 years.”

7. This beautiful fluffy cloud grew up so much in 8 months.

8. “Meet Zara and her transformation from 2 to 12 months.”

9. “Thor, then and now”

10. “I’m terror, I’m darkness, I’m a speck of dust from under the couch.”

8 months apart between the photos.

11. “My father and my corgi: before and after 1 year”

12. “7 weeks to 7 months”

13. “10 weeks vs 10 months. He’s a big baby.”

14. “His cute ears grew up with him.”

15. “A bit more than a year apart”

16. “The story of fluffing up”

17. “My little man, then and now”

18. “Exactly one year ago, this little monster was born and brought so many changes to my life.”

19. “My friend, you’ve manned up so much!”

20. “She was born in my bedroom 7 years ago, and we’ve had her ever since.”

We’d love to see photos of your pet growing up from a little baby to a full-grown adult.

Preview photo credit Jennifer610 / reddit


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