5 Celebrities Who Regretted Their Facial Fillers and Had Them Removed

2 weeks ago

The use of facial fillers is steadily declining as more people, including celebrities, choose to embrace their natural looks. In a world where beauty standards are heavily influenced by social media and public scrutiny, some stars are deciding to dissolve their fillers and return to their authentic appearances. Despite the intense pressure to maintain a youthful and flawless image, these celebrities are boldly reversing their cosmetic enhancements to celebrate their natural beauty.

Courteney Cox

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Courteney Cox opened up about the impact of fillers on her appearance. On the Gloss Angeles podcast, the Friends and Scream VI star talked about how her view of her face became distorted before she decided to have her fillers dissolved. She described how it started a “domino effect” where she didn’t realize she looked different, so she kept getting more fillers, thinking she looked normal.

At 58, Courteney shared how she used to look in the mirror and think she looked good, not realizing how it appeared to others. She did too many fillers and eventually had to have them removed. Thankfully, fillers are reversible. She admitted that she made mistakes but was able to reverse most of them, now embracing her natural, older look.

She reflected on how sometimes you try to improve your appearance, but then see a picture of yourself and realize it doesn’t look good. She has done things she regrets but is grateful that fillers can dissolve and go away.

Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande has shared that she’s taken a break from lip fillers and Botox injections. She opened up during a video for Vogue about her beauty secrets, expressing her feelings about how her relationship with beauty has changed over time.

Having grown up in the public eye, Ariana has faced scrutiny over her appearance from a young age. She mentioned how hard it is to know what feedback to listen to. She also used cosmetic procedures in the past, saying she had a lot of lip filler and Botox over the years. She stopped in 2018 because it felt like too much. For her, beauty used to be about hiding, but now it feels different.

Ariana wants to embrace her natural features, like her cry lines and smile lines. She hopes her smile lines get deeper as she laughs more, finding beauty in the process of aging.

Simon Cowell

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Music mogul Simon Cowell has admitted that he went too far with facial fillers and revealed what made him stop. Back in 2008, he saw Botox as routine as using toothpaste, saying it was just something you did once a year. Over time, fans started to wonder if Cowell had overdone it with plastic surgery. By 2022, he acknowledged that there was a point where he might have gone a bit too far.

He recently shared that he saw an old picture of himself and didn’t even recognize his face at first. His son, Eric, found the pictures hilarious, which made Cowell realize he needed to stop.

Now, Cowell has no fillers in his face at all. He noted that there was a phase where everyone was getting their faces filled, but for him now, it’s more about healthy eating and drinking lots of water.

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis has shared the results of dissolving her fillers after years of facing hurtful comments about her looks. The 59-year-old actress appeared fresh-faced in a new headshot, showing that beauty treatments were now a thing of the past. In a close-up photo shared in April 2024, the Sex and the City star showcased her youthful appearance with minimal makeup.

Davis looked much younger than her age, confidently smiling for the camera and displaying her natural wavy hair to the delight of her Instagram followers. In 2021, the And Just Like That... actress decided to dissolve her cosmetic fillers after enduring constant criticism online for using fillers and Botox.

She mentioned how hard it is to always compare herself to her younger self, saying it’s challenging to remember that she doesn’t need to look the same. The internet sends mixed messages, wanting her to look young while also criticizing her for it.

Lisa Rinna

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Lisa Rinna has opened up about her thoughts on facial fillers. The 60-year-old former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star responded to a TikTok video by Nicole Smith, an aesthetic physician assistant known as @lipsandlattes, who critiqued her “overfilled look.”

“The key with doing dermal fillers or Botox is to maintain your youthful look. Not to alter and change your appearance,” Smith explained in her Thursday, April 11, upload, which was also shared on Instagram. “They placed too much filler in the cheeks and midface. It completely throws off the full facial balance. With good injection techniques, your results should be undetectable.”

In the comment section of the TikTok video, the television personality wrote, “Skinvive [a dermal filler or gel implant] is not for everyone, and it was not good for me. Luckily we could dissolve it today. Whew.

In an interview, she elaborated, “Some things work out, and some things don’t. There’s so much available to us now, which is so great, such great lasers and whatnot, and I think it’s wonderful to see what works for you. And if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you.”

This shift reflects a broader cultural change, promoting individuality over conformity. Through sharing their journeys, these celebrities inspire others to embrace their true selves, fostering a more inclusive and realistic standard of beauty.

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