20+ People Who Ditched Hair-Straighteners in Favor of Their Shiny Ringlets

2 years ago

Maintaining curly hair is no easy task — curly-haired people know that you never have an identical wash day. After years of chemically relaxing or straightening their hair, the following people finally let their manes be while rocking and flaunting their ringlets. There’s no better feeling than unveiling your curls after years of trying to hide them away.

Now I’ve Seen Everything was in awe of these transformations, and they made us wish for a head of curly hair, even just for a day.

1. “I’ve finally ditched chemically straightening my hair and embraced my curly roots.”

2. “Which goddess are you? Wish my curls could be that defined!”

3. “I can’t believe how much time I used to waste straightening my hair.”

4. “The result of lots of time and curly hair care, among a few other things”

5. “From overprocessed orange and ’curling iron’ curls to my natural color and texture — finally gave the bleach up for good.”

6. “Anyone else feels like their hair can turn them into 2 completely different people?”

7. “Embracing my natural dark hair!”

8. “You look so much happier, we can see it in your eyes.”

9. “I used to straighten my hair daily! 5 years into my own modified curly girl method.”

10. “Chopped off my hair and I haven’t looked back since.”

11. “I never expected results like this. So excited for the future.”

12. “How good it feels to love your hair the way it grows out of your head!”

13. “I look about 15 years younger since I stopped straightening.”

14. “I suddenly felt that Beyoncé vibe when I saw the second pic.”

15. “Lighter, healthier, curlier, rose goldier...”

16. “You’re glowing! Your skin and hair! You can see it in your eyes.”

17. “I never knew I had wavy/curly hair until this year because I have almost no discernible curl pattern without styling.”

18. “Learned how to cater to my lovely curls.”

19. “Decided to do a big chop and not straighten my hair anymore!”

20. “I learned to embrace my curly hair!”

21. “I finally mustered up the courage to stop straightening my hair!”

22. “A 9-month difference! I stopped straightening my hair.”

23. “December 2019 vs December 2020”

What’s your natural hair like? Between straight and curly, which style do you prefer?

Preview photo credit jynxypanda / reddit


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