19 Pets That Got a Real Makeover and Now Look Like a Million Dollars

2 years ago

In some ways, pets are just like humans. For example, to look their best, our furry friends also need haircuts from time to time. Some dog breeds (for example, Poodle and Komondor) even require regular grooming for hygiene purposes. And the difference in their appearance after a haircut can be so striking that even the owners sometimes struggle to recognize their beloved pets.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has found these before and after pics of pets that got fabulous makeovers.

“Our puppy got her first (much needed) haircut.”

“First ever big boy haircut”

“Did we bring home the wrong dog?”

“Here’s my little gremlin before and after getting groomed.”

“Before and after her haircut”

“Before and after a haircut”

“Heard you guys like haircut pictures.”

“My Teddy, before and after his summer haircut”

“My dog, Betsy”

“We rescued a Maltese. After 3 hours of cutting matted hair and bathing her, here is Luna’s before and after.”

“My sweet girl, Cheech, is 15 years old! After her haircuts, everyone always thinks she’s a puppy.”

“My dog before and after a haircut”

“Before and after my dog’s much-needed haircut”

“Cooper the miniature schnauzer’s first haircut”

“I didn’t know he had eyes.”

“It’s 90 °F outside, so my dog, the one-eyed Snuggles, needed a groomer.”

“Left him with my aunt, I went on a trip, but the house that we got on Airbnb didn’t allow pets. My aunt gave him a haircut.”

“First haircut (1-year-old)”

“New haircut, same smile”

Does your pet look as transformed as the ones above after getting a haircut? We’d love to see your pictures if you want to share them.

Preview photo credit MasterZPD / reddit


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