20 People Who Took the Hair Plunge and Got a Crowning Masterpiece

2 years ago

Our hair is like a blank canvas that we can style or shape in order to express ourselves. We can bring new life into our tresses with a simple trim or dye, or we can go all out and shave it or color it with multiple shades. But experimenting with our hair from time to time is one way to step out of our comfort zone and keep our looks interesting.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up 20 photos of individuals who took risks with their strands and ended up with incredible results.

1. “I’ve wanted my hair like this for 10 years, and I finally did it! I’m in love! Before and after! And I did this myself.”

2. “My sister did this for me as a Christmas present.”

3. “I did a thing. It’s a big change!”

4. “Chopped it off and went lighter!”

5. “I wanted hair like Draculaura, and I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out.”

6. “I always do some kind of fun hair for my lifting competitions, and I’m absolutely in LOVE with this rainbow braided unicorn magicalness!”

7. “I shaved my head for the second time yesterday after 2 years of growth.”

8. “Had been growing it out for 6 years until today. Decided I needed a good reset.”

9. “Took the plunge, shaved half my head, and I love it.”

10. “Dyed my hair for the first time ever and now I feel like Avril/Princess Bubblegum.”

11. “6+ years of growing snipped off today. I love it!”

12. “Turning 30 next week, so I decided to get my hair done early for it.”

13. “I went dark for the first time in years! I feel like Rogue from X-Men now.”

14. “So proud of this color I did on myself!”

15. “Finally got the courage to go short!”

16. “I usually do box braids, but I was in a rush to go on vacation, so I tried these faux locks for the first time.”

17. “Sometimes, you pick up some bleach and dye on a whim, and the hair gods bless you.”

18. “After 1.5 years of growing out my hair, I took the plunge.”

19. “I decided to make fire hair!”

20. “Impulsively went for a very big chop today!”

What’s the boldest hair experiment you’ve ever done? If you have a picture of yourself after that hair change, show it to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit honeydewlover123 / Reddit


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