20 People Who Took the Shot at the Exact Right Moment

2 years ago

philosopher once said that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” That applies of course to everything in life, including something as simple as taking pictures on your phone. You need to be holding your phone in your hands in order to take a quick photo of something extraordinary.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is still amazed at how sometimes accidental photos can turn out to be the greatest pictures we’ve ever taken.

1. “A photo of me while I was doing keepie uppies.”

2. Snowball fights can indeed turn you into Neo from the Matrix.

3. “My daughter stepping on a LEGO”

4. “You gonna finish that?”

5. “This one got a little greedy.”

6. His wife accidentally took the coolest picture he’ll ever have!

7. “My brother got slapped by a fish!”

8. “High-five, human!”

9. “The moment my dog saw a bee fly by.”

10. “I got hit by a wave while taking pictures of the beach...”

11. “Took a picture of my parents on a boat with a rope swing. Attempted back flip gone wrong.”

12. “I had just finished saying, ’I can’t believe she never falls in!’”

13. A perfect capture of a cat yawning

14. “Mom caught a squirrel eating bird food.”

15. “My parents’ cats were finally being nice to each other, but things quickly changed when I tried to take a picture.”

16. “Took this picture of my cousin, mid-flash.”

17. Their battle is so fierce that they created lightning!

18. “Caught this incredible exploding meteor when I went to Rattlesnake Lake in Washington.”

19. “Poor lady bug is about to get clubbed.”

20. “Perfect timing and classic dad reaction.”

What is the most accidental yet brilliantly synchronized picture you’ve ever taken? We would love it if you could share it with us.

Preview photo credit Karlukki / reddit


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