20 People Whose Bad Fortune Followed Them Everywhere

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If we are superstitious, we may believe that all the negative things that happen to us result from bad luck following us wherever we go. There are just good and bad days. Thus, some people turn their misfortunes into sarcastic anecdotes to laugh about. After all, life is full of ups and downs, and accepting a bad event rather than letting it ruin our day can simplify our lives.

1. “My favorite wedding photo — I got a bubble in my eye while we were leaving.”

2. “Guess who’s severely allergic to hair dye? This girl!”

3. “Don’t let your child use your laptop.”

4. Now it is a wireless mouse.

5. “A small crash revealed just how much makeup she had on.”

6. “Tan line from the time I was living in Vietnam.”

7. “The entrance to my front door currently.”

8. “Happened on my way to work.”

9. “-25° outside. Heavy grocery bag. No gloves. Long chat with an old friend in a parking lot. Gravity.”

10. “’The pictures on the booking website never showed the toilet and the bed in the same picture.’”

11. “Paid extra for a window seat. Got the one seat on the plane with a wall.”

12. “Not even a day after our dog had a mass removal, I ended up having an emergency appendectomy. Wife is taking care of both of us.”

13. ’’Every morning, I wake up cold. Every morning, my cat’s hogging the furnace vent."

14. “Happy Thanksgiving!”

15. “Had to finish my head and face with the leftover mini razor.”

16. “I drove 1.5 hours out of our way to see Mount Rushmore. It was foggy when we got there.”

17. “I accidentally branded Rachael Ray’s name on myself with one of her roasting trays.”

18. “Had to give my daughter a bit of a haircut today.”

19. “So much for saving time with a round brush today.”

20. “Moved into this apartment with my girlfriend less than a month ago. Last night, the sky started falling.”

What has been your most unlucky experience to date? Are you a superstitious person?

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