20 Pets Who Made It to the Top in the Book of Derpiness

2 years ago

If animals had a description in their About Me section on social media, it would probably look something like this: “Nickname: Derp. I enjoy spending time with people and I love to make them smile. My favorite activity is acting weird and getting laughs out of people.” One thing is for sure, our lives would surely be boring without our little happiness-boosters around.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has done some digging and we found some animals that proudly show off their weirdness.

1. “Internet, meet Obi. He tries to eat air.”

2. “I almost totaled my truck trying to avoid this knucklehead! His name is Tank, and he fears nothing.”

3. “This is my cat, Lorbus, eating a metal chair.”

4. “Our cat, Pluto, loves his paper bag...”

5. “My friends adopted a new puppy. Don’t let the poker face fool you — he’s overjoyed.”

6. “Herman likes to use our dog as a blanket.”

7. “Why is he like this?”

8. This is the trademark goofy dog smile!

9. Double layer of charming

10. “Every time we go on a walk we have to derp at least once.”

11. “She’s obsessed with nail files... only after they’ve been used.”

12. “One of my puppies bit my finger then pulled back and made this face for a solid 10 seconds. He’s my favorite.”

13. “An unexpected stalker approaches”

14. “I told him not to get dirty while going outside to potty. This is his ’sorry mom, it was an accident’ face.”

15. “My boy got neutered yesterday. The vet office took a photo for me after he woke up.”

16. “Just walked in the door after work on my 29th birthday. Fiancé knows the key to my heart.”

17. “I think this is derp enough.”

18. “Posing for her adoption photo”

19. “My mother’s new kitten definitely identifies as a smol derp...”

20. Only a few have mastered the art of derpiness with such grace.

Which one of these photos made you smile the most? Do you have any funny or derpy pics you’ve taken of your pet? We’re sure that everyone would love to see even more pictures like that!

Preview photo credit lil--chonk / reddit


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