20 Funny Sleeping Animals in Unusual Places Photos

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Animals of all sizes need their sleep in order to function properly, just like humans. They are ready to fall asleep everywhere.

Now I’ve Seen Everything thinks there’s nothing more adorable than a cute animal sleeping, and we thought we’d shared a few heart-warming pictures with you.

1. “Cat sleeping on tree stump”

You would think animals would want to find something soft to sleep in, but this funny little guy seems to have no preference whatsoever. As long as he can fit inside like a glove, he will be sleeping happily as long as no one disturbs him.

2. Cat made of liquid

3. “I’m a horse vet. This adorable little guy fell asleep on my feet while I talked to his people.”

4. “My new cat only sleeps on my head.”

Any pet owner has been in this situation once or twice in their life. No, who are we kidding, when you have a cute animal in your household, they wind up sleeping on you all the time. We prefer to think of it as the ultimate display of love, as long as they let us sleep peacefully as well.

5. “I see a chipmunk, I take a nap with a chipmunk.”

6. “Here’s Daphne sleeping like a lady.”

7. “I’m not quite sure what possessed my dog to sleep this way.”

Our guess here is that this sleepyhead was playing with that roll of toilet paper or paper towels, when he suddenly felt knackered and fell asleep right on the spot. We do not mind it because it provided us with one of the cutest sleeping animals photos.

8. My bowl, my chicken. The best spot to get some rest has been found.

While all animals above are super cute, this little fella might take the cake of cute and funny sleeping animals out there. The pink belly, the little tongue sticking out, we want to cuddle this cutie so bad it hurts!

9. This is the best way to tell that he just doesn’t care.

10. “This is how my brother’s dog sleeps in the car.”

11. “Miss, may I nap in your nest for a bit? This little bird followed me from my car.”

Sure, bird, do not mind whatever this woman was up to. From now on, she’s your own personal bed. Seriously, how are they able to be so unbothered by where they sleep? This is for sure one of our favorite funny pictures of sleeping animals.

12. Almost like a human

13. “The cat has been asleep like this for the past hour.”

At least it is good to know that the owners feet do not smell too bad, since their cat seems perfectly content sleeping nose first in them.

14. “Take your puppy for a walk, they said. It will be fun, they said.”

We bet this pup was jumping around and demanding that their owner take them for a walk immediately. Then again, fresh air, exercise, we get it, we would probably sleep in the nature after a walk too if it was appropriate for non-animals.

15. “Please, do not disturb.”

16. This cat doesn’t have any problem traveling in a car.

17. Zero energy to go home

This sleeping angel looks so beyond comfortable, we would not mind taking a quick nap right next to them. Has the grass ever looked so soft? We do not think so, but if anyone can make it look like that, it is funny sleeping animals.

18. “How my roommate’s cat lounges”

19. She found her safe place.

20. “She isn’t stretching, she just sleeps with her arms up all the time.”

How does your pet like to sleep? Do you have funny pics of them? Please share your photos with us!

Preview photo credit Plethorian / reddit


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