20 Photos That Prove Mother Nature is an Art Virtuoso

2 years ago

When Mother Nature decides to pick up her brush and create a work of art, the result is nothing short of a magnificent masterpiece. From colorful patterns on rocks, intricate and perfectly symmetrical designs on plants, to breathtaking light shows in the sky — our environment is like one big museum, filled with the handiwork of the world’s greatest artist.

Now I’ve Seen Everything picked out 20 photos that exhibit some of Mother Nature’s best art pieces, and we’d like to share them with you so we can all appreciate their inherent beauty.

1. “The Aurora Borealis as seen from North Dakota”

2. The way the frost highlights the sculpture

3. “Succu-excellence — nature is rad.”

4. This naturally occurring perfect cube of pyrite from Spain

5. “This incredible slice of azurite and malachite gets its colors all naturally from weathering copper.”

6. “A naturally rose-shaped turkey tail mushroom”

7. “Woke up this morning to find an interesting (natural) ice sculpture in the garden.”

8. “These perfect raindrops that formed on my strawberry plant”

9. “This nearly perfect dahlia I spotted at a local park”

10. This naturally colored orange

11. “This is a 60-year-old Puya alpestris, a Chilean native plant that only blooms every 5 years.”

12. “This geode looks like ocean waves on the beach.”

13. “The pattern the ice left on my grill”

14. “The petals of this camellia flower”

15. “A leaf I found on my walk today”

16. “After cutting a stick of butter, the residue looks like a winter nature scene, stream and all.”

17. Naturally growing colorful corn

18. The colors in this piece of agate look like a sunset over the ocean.

19. Nature is watching us.

20. “Red water flowing in a forest in Finland.”

Which of these photos surprised you the most? Do you have any similar pictures that highlight nature’s artistic side?


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