20 Pics That Playfully Mess With Your Brain

2 years ago

Not all photos actually paint a clear picture of what’s going on. That may sound like a joke or just plain confusing, but people on social media have perfect examples of how it works. Whether accidentally or on purpose, some images come out looking like optical illusions, and it takes a while for our mind to understand what’s going on.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found a few pics that are basically mental puzzles. We hope you like a challenge!

1. “There are 4 people in this photo.”

2. “This photo I took of a woman with a very long arm”

3. “We dare not wake the sleeping giant.”

4. “An island in the sky or a glassy lake?”

5. “Which way does it go?”

6. “My dogs have merged together.”

7. “A giant shipment of Yorkshire Tea”

8. “A dog reading a pamphlet on the bus”

9. A “snake” with some moss.

10. “Mom, I think I broke the door.”

11. Your pet doesn’t understand what it’s seeing either.

12. “My friend easily carrying his end of this fallen tree.”

13. “A large white bird”

14. A levitating box

15. “This is messing with my brain.”

16. “Believe it or not, this is the back, where you put your face.”

17. “The goblin under the stairs”

18. “My sister took this pic today.”

19. “Just a cow, its name is Bertha.”

20. “Bowling ball to the face”

Which images, beyond perspective, have you had a hard time understanding?

Preview photo credit ComeAtMeFro / Reddit


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