15 People Whose Restaurant Experience Was Very Eventful

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The entire internet is filled with groups and forums where people show their hatred towards weird plating ideas. And that’s because so many restaurants nowadays have chosen to ditch the usual plates and instead go for unusual choices. Glasses for salads, wooden boards for pretty much everything, and sinks are some of the crazy replacements for the same old plates.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves sharing people’s sad dinner experiences, and we are sure you won’t be able to forget them.

1. “You could order Barbie Meat at a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant my sis-in-law went to last night.”

2. “How do iWash it?”

3. “Caesar salad from last night”

4. “I have a sinking feeling about this quesadilla.”

5. “Got my food at a restaurant in a dog bowl.”

6. “The juices dripped onto my legs through that nice crack in the board.”

7. “Our corn chips came in a rusty bucket.”

8. “Caesar salad in a cosmopolitan glass”

9. “My friend’s mother went to a restaurant and got a glass of pasta upside down.”

10. “The syrup kept spilling over.”

11. “Chicken tacos”

12. “Pasta ended up everywhere.”

13. “They served conch inside a conch shell. It makes sense in a way.”

14. “My favorite part was rubbing the yolk into the wood with my toast.”

15. A full English breakfast in a shovel.

Have you ever had an experience where restaurants tried their best to be innovative but ended up messing things up?

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