20 Pics That Prove Kids Belong to a Special Logic Club

2 years ago

Logic usually guides us in our everyday actions. But what is considered logical reasoning for adults doesn’t always seem to apply to children. After all, sometimes they do crazy and funny things that make us wonder if they all belong to a special club where they follow their own set of rules.

Now I’ve Seen Everything compiled 20 photos that prove kids have their own understanding of how the world works, and their innocent perspective just makes them all the more loveable.

1. “My niece put eyebrows on the dog because she thought it had no expressions...”

2. “My 3-year-old couldn’t decide on a costume. She went with ’flying bunny bear.’”

3. “The first bite my daughter took of her burrito”

4. “My 2-year-old daughter surprised me with a sick new skin for my PS5!”

5. “Why wouldn’t there be Reese’s cereal in my toilet brush handle?”

6. “Told my son to put his clothes on.”

7. “My 2-year-old wanted to walk his dinosaur balloon.”

8. “My neighbor’s toddler was a little too quiet.”

9. “A couple of my son’s hiding places...”

10. “I think my toddler was hungry...”

11. “My daughter decided to charge her water bottle.”

12. “Asked this preschooler what he wanted to be when he grew up.”

13. “My sister put a sock on perfectly good popcorn.”

14. “This is how my son eats a loaf of bread. What kind of monster have I unleashed upon this world?”

15. “I don’t mean to brag, but I think my 4-year-old is a hide-and-seek master.”

16. “’Because I have too many $1 bills,’ -my daughter”

17. “My 2-year-old just ’delivered’ half of his toys and books to ’Father Christmas,’ who lives in the toilet.”

18. “How my 3-year-old thinks you’re supposed to eat pizza...”

19. “My sister at the age of 4 trying to make Oreos healthier by adding lettuce”

20. “My son asked if he could make himself a hotdog for a snack. I said yes. I hear him and his sister laughing in the kitchen, and walk in to find this...”

What is the weirdest and funniest thing you’ve ever seen a kid do? Share the good vibes and post your story or photo in the comment section.

Preview photo credit t**ian-tempest / Reddit


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