15+ People Who Just Wanted to Adopt a Pet, but Ended Up Finding Their New Best Friend

2 years ago

There are millions of animals waiting to be adopted, whether they roam the streets or are placed in shelters. From time to time, people make a decision that will change their lives forever. They adopt because they are trying to change an animal’s life and they come out of it with a new, furry best friend.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes adopting a pet is a gift, not only for the animals, but also for us, and maybe the next pics will inspire you to add one to your family.

1. “We wanted to adopt only 2 of these guys, but we got all the siblings together! They’re super close and we didn’t want to leave the sister out.”

2. “My adopted best friend of 3 years”

3. “Adopted my handsome cat 14 years ago, to the day, on my 18th birthday.”

4. “Still getting used to us but can already feel the happiness he has from being loved!”

5. “We try to tell Cooper Knox we’ll ’be back soon,’ but then we just end up taking him with us.”

6. “Went to the shelter to look at dogs but they didn’t have any there. Now I have a new forever friend.”

7. “I swear, she hasn’t stopped smiling since we picked her up from the shelter 3 days ago.”

8. “Picked up my new best friend from the shelter today! Meet Bosewick!”

9. “This is why I love adopting. The bond is undeniable.”

10. “He’s ours! After bouncing from shelter to shelter and rescue to rescue...he finally found his forever home.”

11. “This is Wonka, my new best friend, and my first cat. Adopted him a couple of weeks ago.”

12. “Coming home from the dog shelter with this girl!”

13. “After months on the shelter waitlist, today I got to bring home little Theodora!”

14. “Picking up Sophie from the animal shelter — showing her mom where to sign!”

15. “My dad was very against getting a dog, especially a small dog. We adopted her anyway and now they are best friends.”

16. “This is my 14-year-old adopted cat, Vonnie. He had been in a cage for months and now he’s my best friend.”

17. “My partner didn’t want to get a cat, then a stray adopted us. He fell in love pretty quick.”

18. “We adopted our first daughter yesterday.”

Have you ever been to an animal shelter? Do you think it’s better to buy or adopt pets?

Preview photo credit NoLongerARedditor / Reddit


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