20 Surprise Twists That Added a Special Kick to an Ordinary Day

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The world is still full of surprises, both good and bad. And the people on this list stumbled upon some of these unexpected twists, which made their day either extra special or a bit unlucky. But one thing’s for sure — when people ask them how their day went, they’ll have a pretty interesting story (and photo) to share.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20 individuals who shared their strange, funny, or irritating discoveries online.

1. “My Cup Noodles lid is also a cat that greets you when you open it halfway.”

2. “Sunlight through the window melted my keyboard.”

3. “The hair on my arm that my cast was removed from has grown a lot more than normal.”

4. “This massive amount of cicada exoskeletons on my tire”

5. “I thought I had put socks on my son this morning. Turns out they were gloves. My mother-in-law sent me this.”

6. “This laminated paper sign has turned into a bag full of water.”

7. “While pruning apples at work, I sawed a limb off and found this heart-shaped knot.”

8. “I had a lawnmower accident 10 years ago and wasn’t supposed to grow nails back.”

9. “A 100-year-old clam from the Great Barrier Reef”

10. “Didn’t move my car for a few weeks and suddenly saw this little beehive in my trunk.”

11. “There was a bag of tiny dice inside my bar of soap.”

12. “This spider web built on a broken light”

13. “I found a pearl while I was eating mussels.”

14. Happy tree stump

15. “Our toilet seat broke so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square.”

16. “Eggs laid by an old hen on the left and a young hen on right”

17. “This jacket has a little hole that you can see your watch through.”

18. “I share a house with several other people. During my first time doing laundry in a couple of weeks, I decided to check the lint filter.”

19. “I found this fence on a walk.”

20. “I saw a cow with an extra limb on its hump.”

What little wonder has happened to you recently? Do you have your own pics of simple things being unusual? Please share them with us!

Preview photo credit dont_I_know_nothing/reddit


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