20+ Tattoos That Push the Boundaries of Body Art

5 months ago

Inkslingers, step aside! Forget flipping through generic catalogs in search of inspiration. These days, the best designs come etched not on paper, but in the hearts of those seeking body art. This article showcases a captivating collection of tattoos that tell powerful stories about their wearers. While some may flaunt their ink with casual indifference, these dermal narratives reveal far more than meets the eye. We celebrate these expressions of personal artistry, presenting 24 unique and meaningful pieces, each imbued with a profound tale waiting to be unearthed.

1. “I got a new tattoo to embrace my deformity.”

2. 3rd degree burn scar covered by a phoenix

3. “The wife and I got tattoos of a diagram depicting the position of the planets as they were at the exact time we were married.”

4. “My friend’s first tattoo using a tattoo gun.”

5. “My girlfriend’s tattoo of her cat in a shark costume and her actual cat in a shark costume”

6. When you treat any situation with humor:

7. “My mom’s tattoo of her mom’s birth and death date, and heartbeat into a signature. When she passes, I will get the same tattoo (relating to her of course) in her memory.”

8. “My tattoo guy said, “that’s not a tattoo you copy, it’s a tattoo you earn.’”

9. “This is my dog and I.”

10. A tattoo artist from Brazil made a unique tattoo that literally opens when the arm opens.

11. I’ve been living in Italy for a year, and it’s common to see things in English that do not make sense. Today, I found the winner.

12. “Tribute tattoo for my best friend who passed away”

13. “I got my leg tattooed.”

14. “I found a way to incorporate a scar into something much more.”

15. Honeybees for a pair of married beekeepers

16. “My dad passed away 7 years ago, he got this tattoo when he turned 18, and when I turned 18, I got it too.”

17. “My favorite scene from Spirited Away

18. “About a month ago, I lost a friend in a climbing accident. This is my reminder of him as well as a reminder to myself to climb safe.”

19. “Got my first tattoo done yesterday.”

20. “After her son passed away, this awesome lady got the image and writing from a card he’d written for her tattooed on her forearm.”

21. “Moved from Sydney to Ireland when I was 10. I’m 20 now and here’s my first tattoo.”

22. “Shortly after my mother’s death in Nov 2013, I found a notebook where she had written a random note to my sisters and I that we had never received. This was part of it and I decided to get a tattoo of it.”

23. And this is Emilia Clarke’s new tattoo.

Bonus: Her tattoo says “fresh spring rolls” in Thai.

We’ve seen some wild tattoos that really push the limits of body art. But hold on, because our next story is about folks who might’ve picked the wrong tattoo artist. Get ready for 14 tattoo mishaps that’ll make you think twice about where you get your ink!


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