15 Times People Got Something Far Beyond Better Than What They Expected

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Purchasing something online can either go well or horribly badly. That’s because a lot of retailers post fictitious photographs of their items or photoshopped images that aren’t entirely truthful. But occasionally, the finished product resembles the image exactly, if not even better. Whether it is our lucky day, or the universe wants to reward us for a good action; however, it is always amazing to exceed our expectations and just be surprised.

“I ordered this dress off AliExpress. It could have gone so wrong, but it turned out to be perfect for me.”

What she wanted vs What she got for a wedding

“I think it turned out pretty well!”

“An impressive cake from my mom!”

“I ordered a blanket with my dogs’ photos from what I thought seemed like a sketchy website. They nailed it!”

“The hairiest, most goofy-looking llama I saw in all of Peru.”

“I tried making the Momofuku cake.”

“It’s almost exactly the same.”

“I made a cake for my niece’s 3rd birthday.”

A morning jackpot

“2 peeled hard boiled eggs”

“My new bra has hands built inside the cups”

“I got this ice cream in Japan. It doesn’t just look exactly the same as in the picture, it’s also delicious.”

No complaints!

“My interpretation of a tattoo I wanted to get, and the final result created by the tattoo artist.”

“My mom made this duck cake. It seems it turned out pretty well.”

“I think we did a pretty decent job with my nephew’s birthday cake.”

Double luck — price and appearance

“I think my wife did it very well.”

“Can I get extra eggs?” In Tokyo, Japan.’’

“My daughter drew a cake she wanted for her 8th birthday. I tried to make her idea come to life.”

This is ice cream!


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