20 Women Who Used to Hate Their Noses, but Are Now Proudly Showing Them Off

2 years ago

Barbra Streisand, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway — these are just some of the most beautiful celebrities who embraced their slightly bigger noses and made them their trademark. A big nose can definitely draw attention to itself, and some of the women in this article confessed they considered a nose job at some point in their lives. Luckily, they learned to love their beautiful noses and now admit it adds a touch of uniqueness to their faces.

Here, at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we believe that being beautiful means being confident about your appearance. And these 20 women are living proof of this statement.

1. “The force is strong in my family... I have it, and my sister has it.”

2. “The older I get, the more I grow to like my facial profile.”

3. “I let myself listen to people’s comments about my nose and that I should get a nose job, for which I actually started saving. I’m happy to say that I love my nose more than ever.”

4. “Here are some photos of my profile. Still learning to love it.”

5. “Just wanted to share these park pictures from the other day and got so many compliments! Feeling loved.”

6. “Okay, I took some new full-on side profiles. I would never post these anywhere else, ever, but y’all make me feel like a goddess.”

7. “This pic shows how scared I used to be to cut my hair short because of my big nose! However, once I got the haircut, I actually started to love it!”

8. “I always hated my profile view... I think I like it now.”

9. “My nose said happy Sunday.”

10. “This photo was the first in which I loved how my nose looked, and I’m no longer afraid to have my profile photographed.”

11. “This nose just got me contracts from some of the top modeling agencies. Big noses are beautiful.”

12. “I have a teeny hole in the tip of my nose that I was born with. My mom called it my ’angel kiss’ and told me an angel kissed me there. That’s why all my childhood I was terrified of angels, thinking they must’ve had needles for mouths!”

13. “My hair was supposed to be the focal point of this picture. But something else claimed the spotlight.”

14. “I’ve come to love my nose and think it’s one of my best features. It makes me feel strong and Roman statuesque.”

15. “Always hated my big nose, but now I’m starting to love it (after 26 years, though). I realized that we’ve got to embrace our differences.”

16. “While I change my style often, my nose will always be large!”

17. “You literally need a long/big nose in order to get 5 nose rings on one side!”

18. “I could change it, I thought. But then it occurred to me. I am so much MORE than my nose (or my appearance).”

19. “Up until a year ago, I hated wearing eyeliner because I always felt that it was drawing attention to my nose. Now I love it.”

20. “I’ve hated my Iraqi nose and side profile for so long, but I’m slowly learning to love it.”

Are you totally satisfied with the way you look, or are you self-conscious about some of your facial features?

Preview photo credit acnaor / Reddit


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