21 Girls with Unique Hair Colors

2 years ago

Many A-list celebrities, including Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, dye their hair bright colors. Lately, more and more people have started to dye their hair unusual colors to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. And these 21 brave women chose to transform their hair and let their rebellious personalities shine.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe it takes courage to make a huge change to your hair. And we admire these creative women who dyed their hair vivid colors and now look even more stunning.

1. “I found out my hair glows under UV light.”

This is one of those rare hair colors that takes your breath away when you see it. We don’t think we’d ever leave clubs if we had hair like this. So if you are looking for the most unique colored hair that would make you look insanely cool, no need to look any further.

2. “I succeeded with a Pinterest-inspired hairdo for crazy hair day with my 3-year-old!”

We absolutely love that this mom isn’t afraid to let her daughter try out fun hair colours at a young age. We’re positive the little girl was absolutely ecstatic and had so much fun with it. Also it’s so creative, we’re obsessed!

3. “I remind myself of cotton candy.”

She reminds us of cotton candy too! Pink might be one of the best colors for hair, you can fight us on it. It always looks so bright and fun. And, as bonus, you can match your makeup to it and then you’ll always be in the spotlight and looking adorable.

4. “I let my stylist do whatever he wanted! Here is the result.”

Sometimes, giving your stylist creative freedom can result in the most unique hair colors. Just look at that combination, blue, orange, purple, a hint of pink and green, somehow, it all works together! This must’ve been the best hair experience of this girl’s life and we’re all here for it.

5. “Is this my perfect blue? I think it is!”

This is such a cool hair color for her! We definitely agree that this color suits her best. Blue just works with her pinkish skin and green eyes. We should all be so lucky to find our perfect hair color, just like this lucky gal.

6. “I can’t shake my love for yellow hair.”

You’d think yellow hair is a risk, but in this girl’s case, it’s a total win. Green eyes and yellow color are a perfect match, like peanut butter and jam. She found a way to look unique by only changing her hair color into something really cool. We love simple solutions.

7. “My sister (hairdresser) tried pink on me, and I love it!”

This is one of those cool hair colorings that you can tell were done with precision. Just look at that ombre, going from dark on the roots to electrc pink on the very ends, stunning! We’re definitely adding this hair color to our collection of “dream hair”.

8. “Older person here — I’ve had blue streaks for years, but decided to go crazy!”

Would you call this hair color blue or green? Or both? Frankly, doesn’t matter what you call it, it matters how unique her hair looks. And the best part, is that age truly isn’t a factor when it comes to fun hair color ideas. It’s never too late to shake things up, and it gives us hope.

9. “My new color”

We don’t see such a bright forest green on hair very often, but we must say, it works! It’s definitely one of the most unique hair colors we’ve seen. And paired with this girl’s deep blue eyes? She made the right decision by going to her stylist with this idea.

10. “I finally did it — black and red split dye. My 12-year-old self who couldn’t dye her hair would jump with happiness.”

The color-split on the hair became insanely trendy ever since that movie Cruella with Emma Stone was announced. And to no surprise, it looks outrageously stunning on anyone. It’s the best solution for someone who can’t choose amongst countless hair colors the salons have to offer. You can have two at the same time! We absolutely love the black and red hair combo, but there are so many other options, there’s no limit to your fantasy.

11. An option for those who aren’t ready for drastic changes

Indeed a very fun solution for those who are flirting with the idea or getting fun hair colors. No need to dive deep with your full head first, you can always start small and only commit to the ends of your hair, not even separate parts of it. If it goes wrong, or you don’t like the color, you can always chop those ends off. Even though something tells us we’d fall in love immediately and took it all the way with no hesitation.

12. “Living my 13-year-old dream at 33 and dyed my hair for the first time!”

It took this girl 20 years to make the coveted leap to her dream hair, and we’re so glad she did! And she went all the way with dark purple roots and aquamarine all over the rest of her hair. Who needs makeup when your hair is already stealing the show? This colored perfection becomes your accessory and pride all at the same time, we’re kind of jealous.

13. “Had a lot of colors over the last 5 years or so and finally decided my favorite is...ALL THE COLORS!”

This one is the real showstopper! We don’t even know where to begin, is there a color on this planet that isn’t somehow incorporated in this girl’s unique hair? Red, we believe we can’t see red, but we also can’t see the back of her hair, so who’s to say whether it’s really there or not? Once again, this is for the indecisive gals, who want everything, everywhere, all at once. We also can’t imagine how long it must have taken, but all we can say is that it was well worth it.

14. “From gray to red”

Honestly, we can’t even decide which hair color we like best. The red looks incredibly youthful and fun, even her skin turned a different color. But that gray is breathtaking, almost blue, for sure somewhere in the silver fox arena. What we can say for sure is, this girl can pull off any cool hair color and embrace it like a chameleon. Also, how cool do fun hair colors look on short hair? That’s definitely something to remember next time you go to the salon. It would probably be cheaper to get that length colored too.

15. “Looking like a flamingo!”

She does look like a flamingo, doesn’t she? So far, we’ve mostly had soft pink hairstyles on this list, but this color is a perfect solution for someone who wants a pink shade on their hair, but also looking for it to be neon. Are we also detecting a slight ombre here? A bit darker on the roots and going into softer ends. We bet you can even do this hair coloring at home, neon colors are always more forgiving and the result is guaranteed to be at least a bunch of fun.

16. “Dyed my hair a fun color for the first time ever!”

Soft pink is for sure a spot-on choice for the first fun hair color of your life. It’s not a huge commitment right off the bat, it’s easy for you to get used to, but at the same time it doesn’t stand out too much in the crowd. Still, it makes you look unique and so very lovely. Seriously, why do all girls with bubblegum pink hair look so adorable?

17. “This is definitely the wildest color I’ve ever done, but I kind of love it.”

You’d think yellow hair wouldn’t look good on pale skin, but we’re totally here for it! The green undertones are making this hair color pop to the max. This look will definitely never go unnoticed. And she wasn’t even afraid to go for a dark lipstick, which, in our humble opinion, adds something extra to the look. Overall, the hair is a total win-win.

18. “Wanted something bright.”

This girl looks just like a phoenix, we don’t know how to better describe this hair color. It’s absolutely majestic, and goes perfectly with her brown eyes. She also went the extra mile and matched her eyeshadow and lipstick to the hair, bringing the delightful harmony to her look.

19. “I think I’ll keep my head pink forever.”

We absolutely adore this bubblegum pink, we believe we already made it pretty clear, but we can’t help but keep gushing over this color. And we totally agree with this pretty gal here, she should totally keep this hair forever. Her pink blush takes her look to even a higher level. Plus, somehow her gray shirt goes so well with the pink hair, along with the gold jewelry. The entire look is just perfectly balanced. Bravo!

20. “Why just choose one color when you can have them all?! Living my rainbow fantasy...”

That’s exactly what we’ve been saying! No one says you need to only settle for one hair color, or two, or even three. As long as you have enough patience to sit in your stylist’s chair while they’re spilling a rainbow on your beautiful locks, you can have as many colors as you want. And the best part of this plan is? This colorful hair goes with any outfit, because it represents all the colors you can imagine.

21. “There’s so much blue out there, it makes me happy!”

It makes us happy to see so much blue as well! Looks like this fun hair color suits almost everyone. And what a cool idea to add a streak of purple in there. Mixing up your hair colors adds a lot of dimension to it, resulting in a unique look that also makes your hair look like it has more volume than it actually does. Safe to say, if you were to try having several funky colors in your hair, you’d be smiling just as wide as this happy girl.

Have any of these girls inspired you to change your hair color? If yes, which color would you opt for?

Preview photo credit godh***beth / Reddit


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