20+ Beautiful Women Who Are Brave Enough to Experiment With Their Hair Color

2 years ago

When it comes to appearance, there are countless ways to express your personality. In the past, there was a stereotype that said dyeing hair the colors of the rainbow only looked good on very young people; but thankfully, nowadays, it’s become clear that showing off your true self can’t be restricted by age, gender, etc.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20+ examples of gorgeous women who dared to play with the color of their hair and hit the jackpot.

Never been blonde, never had bangs... My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

“I love this dreamy color and cut I got.”

“My wife and I decided to go a bit crazy. Here’s her hair. Violet dream!”

“Amazed with the results! Totally bleached out my hair from my natural color.”

Vivid hair dye days are the best hair days!

Raspberry vibes

“I always wanted to have pink hair.”

“One of my friends needed a model for a hairdresser job trial. I volunteered and this is what she created. I couldn’t be happier. She’s got so much talent I cannot wait to see her grow even more as a hairdresser.”

“I used to be a brunette. The transformation took about 2 weeks.”

“Purple with hot pink ends”

“Arctic Fox Aquamarine on unbleached dark blonde hair... First time doing any ’crazy color’ and I LOVE IT!”

“More mermaid-y all the time! Who says you can’t have fun hair at 66?”

“Just wanted to share when I was having a good hair day! Fresh color is always a mood booster.”

“Just dyed it pink and I’m in love!”

“Got bored of just pink, so added blue to the front, I feel like a delicious bag of cotton candy.”

“My new peach color”

“It was time for a refresh!”

“My DIY rainbow. Arctic fox all the way. Stay colorful, ladies!”

“First time EVER! Decided to go all out. So in love with my new hair!!!”

“Dyed my hair bright neon green for the upcoming Smackdown Live event in Nashville. So happy with how it came out!”

“Finally got my new colors”

“This is what I look like in UV light.”

“Me (right), my aunt (middle), and my cousin (left)”

Have you ever dyed your hair a bold color? What’s your wildest dream for your own hair?

Preview photo credit cazette / Reddit


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