21 People Whose Plating Skills Can Make MasterChef Judges Scratch Their Heads

2 years ago

When you go to a nice restaurant, you expect the food and service to be excellent. But some chefs are so eager to impress their guests that they use plating techniques that simply break the laws of logic. From bread chips served on a comb to mashed potatoes in a tiny bathtub, these restaurants certainly know how to make your dinner unforgettable.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, our hearts go out to people who simply wanted their food to be served on plates, but something went wrong.

1. “My friend was craving nachos, and they came in a dog bowl.”

2. “Python and creamy potatoes served in a, uh... *checks notes* ...wooden violin?”

3. “Soup in a burnt cabbage”

4. “The sauce was dripping from the holes.”

5. “Yes, I would like your ’mini corn dogs on a ceramic decorative pillow,’ please.”

6. “Tacos without plates?!”

7. “Not even sure how to drink out of this thing? Maybe a straw?”

8. “Maybe it’s flowers?”

9. “The Churro Shoe”

10. “My mashed potatoes wanted a bath, I guess.”

11. “Beignets growing on a tree”

12. “Potato soup in a pot of parsley (you can see the straw if you look closely). The soup is in a compartment underneath the dirt.”

13. “Egg-cellent fried Dutch meatballs”

14. “What’s the best way to tackle this meal? Seafood special served in a vintage tackle box.”

15. “Food served in shoe boxes. A friend sent me his experience.”

16. “Soup in a shell”

17. “Little bite-size appetizer served on a box of uncooked potatoes”

18. “Chips in a pine cone!”

19. “Caesar salad or Charlie Brown Christmas tree?”

20. “A plate, but it’s covered in stones.”

21. “Bread chips on a comb”

If you could choose, would you eat some delicious food served inside a shoe, or would you rather go for some bland-tasting food served on a plate?

Preview photo credit slytherin9351 / Reddit


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