15 Genius Gift Packaging Ideas That Are More Exciting Than the Actual Gift

2 years ago

Giving gifts is a way of showing our love to others and making our relationships even stronger. We all know that presents are only symbolic, but we all get so much joy from receiving them. That’s why we love giving them as well since we want to be the ones that bring joy to our loved ones.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is amazed by the effort that many people put not just into their gifts, but also in their wrapping.

“Every year I try to disguise my sister’s Christmas present. This year I got her a makeup palette.”

“My wife’s present to me — whatever is inside, I hope it survives until tomorrow!”

“I have a talent for wrapping gifts in misleading ways!”

“Each New Year, my brother and I compete to give the most difficult-to-open gift.”

“My grandma decorates wrapping paper with hand-drawn patterns!”

“My idea of gift-wrapping a couple of concert tickets...”

“I’ve just finished wrapping a gift for my sis. The outward shape is a ruse — there’s a necklace inside!”

“Wrapping a board game as a tank.”

“I bought my girlfriend’s parents a gift for Christmas and managed to wrap it like this!”

“I’m finally done wrapping the present for my brother. He’ll sure be surprised to find it’s a toolset!”

“This time, I wrapped his present in concrete!”

“I’m 23. I can rebuild a car engine from scratch and make unique spare parts for it. I can drive anything that has a steering wheel. But I’m really lousy at wrapping Christmas gifts!”

“No wrapping paper on hand? No problem! I used cardboard grocery bags and metallic markers!”

“Mom, are you proud of me now?!”

“These are my friend’s presents for his wife. The left package contains perfume, and the right one, a sweater.”

“My daughter is obsessed with horses, but I obviously can’t afford to buy her one. Bought her a gift card for riding lessons and wrapped it like this.”

What is the most amazing gift packaging you’ve ever received? Was the gift hiding inside as exciting as the package, or were you disappointed by it?

Preview photo credit geoffreythehamster / reddit


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