22 Pictures That Can Make You Fall in Love With the World We Live in All Over Again

2 years ago

The happiest people find joy in small things. But the truth is you don’t have to travel far to see natural wonders, and just a little bit of observation is all it takes to see thousands of miracles around you.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has put together a list of photos that prove beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

1. “My cacti look like a caveman about to club a rabbit.”

2. “I baked brownies and on the side of the pan it looks like there’s a dinosaur diving into them.”

3. “The servers at this restaurant noticed I was a lefty, and they laid out a set of left-handed silverware.”

4. “This shopping cart has a magnifying glass attached to it.”

5. “My keyboard’s USB has a keyboard on it.”

6. “The way the paint dried in this old bottle makes it look like a tidal wave.”

7. “This huge climbing wall in Copenhagen”

8. “Woody and Buzz traveling down the interstate”

9. “I ordered a 119-year-old book online and quite a few pages are uncut — meaning no one ever read it.”

10. “My egg cracked open like a Poké Ball.”

11. “We have this staple remover at work.”

12. “The sand in Tahoe is magnetic and it’s stuck to my phone.”

13. “This tree I found grows into itself.”

14. “A giant lemon off our tree”

15. “A cloud that resembles a polar bear from my walk earlier today”

16. “This crack in the pavement is filled with a stained-glass cat portrait.”

17. “My Spanish sneakers have a map of Barcelona on the soles.”

18. “My childhood doctor’s office has a mini door installed for the younger patients.”

19. “My son and I 3D-printed a life-size battle droid. Turns out they were quite big.”

20. “This random swing in the middle of a field”

21. “The floor in the design building at my college is where the basketball court used to be.”

22. “My cat’s fur splits colors down the middle of her chest.”

What unique or unusual knick-knacks have you ever come across? What’s the strangest and most special photo on your phone?

Preview photo credit chrisprattypus / Reddit


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