16 Proofs That Mother Nature Will Never Run Out of Jaw-Dropping Ideas

2 years ago

Whatever the epoch, people have always been fascinated by nature. Back in ancient times, they used to believe that thunder, for example, is caused by the intervention of supernatural creatures. This lead to many similar myths across the world, despite all the differences between cultures. Even today, there are still some things in nature that can amaze us.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything picked some photos of nature with a guaranteed wow-effect.

I found a pixelated leaf.

“45 minutes before go-time and during the ceremony — Mother Nature had perfect timing.”

“This tree I found grows into itself.”

The Rio Tinto river in Spain flows red and orange due to its extreme acidity and high levels of iron and heavy metals.

The stinging brush (Dendrocnide moroides) may look harmless, but a simple touch can cause pain for several months.

The Dragon’s Eye is a natural rock formation in Norway.

The Kea, the world’s only alpine (or mountain) parrot.

“I was out for a walk by the lake today and caught a glimpse of an iridescent cloud.”

“It never occurred to me that plants could be albino.”

Haplopelma lividum, also known as the cobalt blue tarantula, is a species indigenous to Myanmar and parts of Thailand.

“This massive Bald Eagle feather I found.”

The phone has magnets, so the iron in the sand got stuck to it.

The flower stalks on Venus flytraps are really long so they don’t accidentally trigger their own traps.

“I think the squirrels I am fighting in my backyard are just casually mocking me at this point...”

“A strawberry whose seeds have sprouted.”

Jaboticaba trees bear fruit directly on their trunks. The fruits are about one inch in diameter and taste like Muscadine grape.

When was the last time Mother Nature surprised you with one of her wonders? Do you enjoy going out to explore? Shine the spotlight on your best stories and photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit ThumYorky / Reddit


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