23 Times People Shared Their Before and After Photos and Made Us Feel Genuinely Happy for Them

2 years ago

There’s something satisfying about taking before and after pictures. They clearly demonstrate your progress and all the hard work you’ve done. And what’s even better is you can share the proof of your success online and get tremendous support from people you’ve never met but who definitely know how much hard work there really is behind that perfect shot.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are proud of these strong people who prove dedication and persistence always pay off.

1. “At age 23 my braces are finally off and I couldn’t be happier!”

2. “The before/after of a property we cleaned up today!”

3. “I’m one of the least flexible women I know. Here’s a before and after of me completing 30 days of yoga challenge.”

4. “My NB1 seats before and after reupholstering”

5. “A before and after of my small apartment kitchen — I don’t miss the orange!”

6. “45 lb lost in 6 months — the same outfit in the before and after, but the sweater isn’t being stretched out anymore, so now you can see the pattern!”

7. “A before and after of a hoarder’s house we cleaned out — ready to renovate!”

8. “Just finished this backyard succulent project.”

9. “A 1972 Datsun 240z restoration”

10. “A before/after haircut for Velvet — we can create a whole new rabbit with all that extra fluff.”

11. “I always find the before and after of cleaning my shoes nice.”

12. “A before and after of our Philly Rowhome kitchen renovation we just completed this week!”

13. “This is my prayer plant in July vs now. I cut up and propagated her, and she’s shot out 8 new leaves since repotting about a month ago!”

14. “240 lb to 155 lb, lost 85 lb from May 2018 to May 2021.”

15. “Before and after!”

16. “The view of my balcony before and after they removed a tree”

17. “My setup, before and after”

18. “The neighbors’ house before and after a power wash — rainy season here is brutal on people’s roofs.”

19. “A before and after of my patio :)”

20. “8 days post-op, just got my cast off today. It’s pretty swollen but I’m very happy with it!”

21. “This is a before and after of my stairs. I know it’s not for everyone, but I love how girly they are.”

22. “A picture the seller sent me a month ago compared to the final product of last week’s cleaning”

23. “3 years of progress...almost to my waistline finally.”

Have you made progress on anything recently? Do you have any major plans in mind?

Preview photo credit tasteofred / Reddit


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