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Women have been told from a young age that having really long hair is very attractive and that’s what they should have. Even Rapunzel’s fairytale teaches us how a woman with so long hair can be viewed as breathtaking. Not that it’s not and all women should cut it short, but it feels like so many women are very attached to their hair. As a psychologist explained, it is a very personal thing that if lost, women might feel like they’ve lost part of their identity.

But sometimes all it takes to switch things up if you feel like you need it is to ditch your long hair and instead choose a short cut. And although it takes courage to get haircuts and especially short ones, it’s absolutely worth the risk. Long hair might be your security blanket, but a short do might be exactly what you need. So, let the hairdresser cut what they feel in necessary for your face shape and enjoy the change.

1. “Glad I finally had the courage to chop it all off!”

2. “Decided to get my hair cut super short today!”

  • Gorgeous!!! Omg short hair suits you SO WELL; it transforms your whole appearance, it opens and brightens up your face, making you look refreshed and rested, you somehow look more mature yet also still youthful and vibrant lol!! ADORE the bangs, honestly the whole look- I love this for you.
    I’ve been delaying doing a big cut myself, mostly bc it’s a pain getting to a salon lol- but this is inspiring. Did you go for just super light layers, like shorter in front longer in back?? I almost wanna do a shag cut lmao but I’m scared...seems hard to pull off. CokeMooch / Reddit
  • I cut the bangs myself haha. I’m very proud of them! I originally did curtain bangs, and snipped the middle pieces of the bangs to fit my glasses. Blunt bangs would not look good with my glasses because of too many angles going on at once. I feel like I look more of a teenager rather than a 30 year old, but that’s fine with me. You should definitely get your hair cut short, I bet it would look so cute! Feel free to use my photo for inspiration. AllieMeagan / Reddit

3. “I went for it! I’m obsessed with my short hair!”

  • You look better with short hair. Brings out your eyebrows which I like the most. AshD_2019 / Reddit
  • I love your hair. I did a short cut too and I’m in love with it tooo it’s the best! ThivyaM / Reddit
  • Well if you ever wondered what your purpose in life was...now you know. You were born for that cut, period. Automated_Pulse / Reddit

4. “I did it. I cut everything off and I’m now rocking a pixie cut.”

  • I like both haircuts. On the left (with the long hair) I would be friends with you and on the right (with the short hair) I would follow you into battle (and also be friends with you but you look like you have bigger priorities). Elenamcturtlecow96 / Reddit
  • O M G! You look AMAZING!! I’m the one who helped you, and you really carry that cut so well that it looks like you have always worn it short!! You’re beautiful girl!! -don’t ever forget it! beanner468 / Reddit
  • Wow gorgeous! You look like a model with those defined cheekbones! You have the face to pull of this haircut. Thaniel611 / Reddit

5. “I did the big haircut!”

6. “A new level of gorgeousness.”

  • Love the hair! Definitely makes you look more mature and older. helloimmeokthen / Reddit
  • Oh my gosh thank you for this!! In my work my clients are all a lot older than me and I feel self-conscious of that sometimes. This is really great feedback and totally what I was going for. llksg / Reddit
  • The short hair is perfect on you. It accentuates you’re cheekbones so nicely. It makes you look sophisticated and healthier somehow. It’s much more modern this way. Enjoy! alliexon** / Reddit

7. “A new haircut can completely change your look.”

  • I haven’t really gotten the chance to play with my hair yet. I think my natural curl and wave will do most of the heavy lifting and then I’ll just have to clean up my bangs with a blow dryer! ipiem113 / Reddit
  • The bangs are what sell it for me, I think — takes you from a gorgeous girl next door to a Hottie of Mystery. cobra1975 / Reddit

8. “Before and after a haircut. Like 2 different people.”

  • You look like Marion Cotillard with your hair cut short, I love it!!! Suits you! dlopezlvr / Reddit
  • I hate short hair on most women, but this suits you so much better than the long and makes you very cute! mysweatismyperfume / Reddit

9. “Chopped most of my hair off. The best hair-related decision I ever made.”

  • Let me preface this with the fact that I am not saying you look “old” by any stretch of the imagination in the first photo. However, the youthful nature of short hair does make you look much younger in the second. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing to say or not. ChitterChitterSqueak / Reddit
  • You don’t sound like a bad person at all. The new hair totally hides my developing forehead lines haha. ATaleOfTwoSeaMonkeys / Reddit

10. “Before and after I chopped my hair!”

11. “I ended up going with a pixie haircut and I’m so glad I did!”

  • I posted a couple weeks ago to ask for advice on potentially cutting my hair short (I was thinking chin-length at the time, and I posted the pic on the left). Thought I’d post an update: I actually cut my hair a lot because I realized it was what I really wanted to do deep down. I’m glad I did! catmami17 / Reddit
  • You look really similar to Leighton Meester in my opinion! Especially before with the curtain bangs. Whenever you’re looking for a new hairstyle I think looking her up would not be amiss. rubinevanille / Reddit

12. You should prioritize your comfort first!

  • I like the short hair so much better! It’s very chic and it really elevates your whole look/face! StacyLite / Reddit

13. “She decided to do a pixie cut and we love it!”

  • OH MY GOD this was the best decision you ever made. The color is incredible and the hair suits you so much!! You must be so chuffed! MNRB / Reddit
  • Love the color of your hair! So much more natural and perfect for the short cut, which is probably the best pixie I’ve seen as well as the best cut for your face. ilovetrexarms / Reddit

14. “Cut my hair yesterday. I now have 4, 12-inch ponytails to donate.”

  • Looks amazing with short hair, and I’d argue better than with long hair. Just be sure the organization to which you’re donating is a good one. I donated my 15 inches of hair (twice, many years ago — my hair grows fast and I am old) to a local wigmaker associated with the local cancer trust. My hair is about that long again so I am considering it, again. I was much happier with that than with a larger organization. gootwo / Reddit

15. “A new haircut can transform you into a new character.”

  • Your short healthy natural hair and the way it’s cut brightens up your whole look. Your eyes stand out so much more now. angelusinfantum / Reddit

16. “Self-appreciation is all you need!”

  • Absolutely stunning! I love everything about the second picture — the hair, lipstick, glasses, nose ring, eyes! This cut fits you so well and your confidence in pic #2 is radiating — rightfully so. poops123 / Reddit

17. “One more reason to cut your hair right away!”

  • The shape of your head and sharp jawline were made to sport the short cut! You look amazing. afatasskellyprice / Reddit
  • I bet it feels amazing to have the weight of all that hair gone! You look great! Mattekat / Reddit

18. We can immediately see her self-confidence after the haircut.

  • Stunning with both looks. You got a Alice in wonderland vintage look on the right which is rare to see these days. AWhimsicalBird / Reddit
  • I love it! I’ve been growing my hair for the past 7 months from a short cut and let me just say it’s hard work. Only because I’ve wanted to cut it back so many times but I said I’d grow it out one last time. I also added tape in extensions to help me with length. Sooo good job with your hair growth, looks amazing. idohurrr** / Reddit

19. “Always evolving.”

20. “Long to short and blonde.”

  • You could pull off any hairstyle but short and blonde looks great on you! Frenchicky / Reddit
  • Both hairstyles are beautiful but you have a skin tone that goes with both colors and a face shape that suits both lengths. If you’re taking advice, doing long and blonde or short and brunette next might be fun! ginghamteddybear / Reddit

Do you like short or long hair? Would you ever make such a huge leap and have a haircut that would completely change your appearance?

Preview photo credit Too_far_north / Reddit


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