20+ Babies That Prove Benjamin Button Could Be a True Story

2 years ago

The logic of life indicates that we acquire knowledge as we accumulate experiences and anecdotes. However, there are babies who seem to come into the world with all the wisdom they will need throughout their life. There are infants whose appearance as old men is so adorable that they seem ready to give advice to their whole family right after leaving their mother’s womb.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we compiled several images of newborns who surprised their parents with their appearance.

1. “Picture of my friend’s newborn. This baby has definitely been through some stuff.”

2. “Grumpy old man”

3. “He’s fed up of all the dad jokes.”

4. “He needs help getting over to yell at the kids on his lawn.”

5. “My daughter, looking like an overworked Uber driver”

6. “Reminiscing about his youth made him chuckle.”

7. “Just became the father of this old man”

8. “Nothing like a comb-over blowing in the wind. My bestie back when she was a tiny granddaddy.”

9. “I thought for sure my kid’s first word would be ’inconceivable’.”

10. “My son at just about a month old looking like your 45-year-old uncle Dave.”

11. “Grandpa got his first smartphone and took a selfie for his Facebook.”

12. “My twins looking like an old married couple”

13. “My brother-in-law used to look like a travel-sized Soprano.”

14. “My nephew at 3 days old. He is wise beyond his years.”

15. “My daughter and her great-great-grandmother. I think that the resemblance is quite uncanny 😁”

16. “This 71 year old grandpa thinks your dinner smells horrible.”

17. “My husband was born ready to file your taxes for less than what the other guys charge.”

18. “My 1 year old doesn’t have time for my nonsense, lol.”

19. “600 month old”

20. “This is my fiancé’s friend’s son”

21. “The longer I look the more unsure I am if this is a baby or a grandma.”

How did you see yourself as a child? Do you know a baby who would fit perfectly in this compilation? Send us a photo or any story you have and want to share with us!


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