People Used to Make Fun of Him, But He is Now Using His Vlogs to Educate People

11 months ago

Lalit Patidar, a 17-year-old from Central India, has been diagnosed with hypertrichosis, a rare condition causing excessive hair growth on his body and face. He was ridiculed as a “monkey boy” and struggled to make friends. However, he has overcome those challenges, now leading a normal social life and starting a vlogging journey.

Lalit’s parents couldn’t believe their eyes when they first saw him.

Lalit’s birth was a surprise to his mother, who discovered that his entire body was covered in hair. The nurse attending his birth was taken aback by his appearance and called a doctor for examination. Fortunately, the doctor reassured the family that Lalit was healthy and merely shaved his hair without any further intervention.

Over the years, the family remained unaware of Lalit’s condition and attempted numerous treatments and remedies, all of which proved ineffective. They described it as a birth defect, as the hair neither grew longer nor shorter.

About 1 in 340 million people get affected by the same condition.

Hypertrichosis, also known as werewolf syndrome, is a rare medical condition characterized by excessive hair growth throughout the body. This condition is primarily attributed to gene mutations and is unrelated to male hormones. Its physical resemblance to werewolves has led to its popular nickname.

The prevalence of hypertrichosis is incredibly low, affecting only approximately one in 340 million individuals. As a result, there are currently reported cases of only around 50 people worldwide with this condition.

He feels uncomfortable due to the hair on his face.

Lalit encounters various challenges in his everyday life as a result of hypertrichosis. His condition affects his vision, eating, and breathing. Expressing his desire for a hair-free existence, he shared his wish to grow up without the burden of excessive hair.

The hair obstructs his vision, making it hard for him to see clearly. During meals, it causes discomfort as it enters his mouth. Additionally, there are instances when he experiences difficulty in breathing properly.

Lalit’s social life has also faced issues.

In addition to the physical challenges, Lalit also endured social hardships because of his condition. During his early childhood, Lalit was subjected to mockery and taunting from his classmates due to his appearance. His friend revealed that as they walked together, other children would jeer at Lalit, labeling him as a “monkey” and even resorting to throwing stones.

However, their teacher intervened and reprimanded the class, emphasizing the importance of treating others with respect and empathy, including Lalit. Following this scolding, the mocking ceased, and they all began playing together as friends.

Now, his life is quite normal.

Despite the various physical and social obstacles he faced, Lalit currently leads a typical teenage life and feels content with his condition. The derogatory labels he endured did not hinder him from pursuing his interests and forming friendships. Lalit aspires to become a police officer after completing his studies. Presently, he actively engages as a vlogger on Instagram, boasting a substantial following of over 140,000 individuals.

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