A Mom of 4 Shocked Everyone by Revealing That She Breastfed Her Husband For 3 Days

8 months ago

Janelle, 32, is a mother of four, and she openly shares her experiences of motherhood and family life on social media. But recently, she made headlines with a shocking revelation. Janelle admitted to breastfeeding her husband for 3 days. Let’s dive into this family’s story.

Janelle took to TikTok to recall her recent vacation in Puerto Rico, admitting that ’’desperate times called for desperate measures.’’ She explained that she and her husband, Joshua, were on a 4-day vacation, but she forgot to pack her breast pump.

After one day of not pumping, the mama noted that her breasts felt like they ’’were on fire.’’
In the video she shared online, Janelle noted, ’’You know the part in your marriage vows, ’for better or for worse?’ Well, I had to take my husband up on that this last week.’’

This is how she asked her husband to ’’help her out,’’ and she ended the clip by confirming, ’’I had to breastfeed my husband.’’

The video became widely popular, collecting, to this date, almost 15,000 likes as well as an array of different reactions and comments from shocked viewers.

One person even wondered, “Any reason you didn’t just hand pump?” And Janelle responded, ’’I tried so hard, but for some reason, it wasn’t working until I had some suction going."

People found Janelle’s husband’s response absolutely hilarious. “I guess this falls under the ’Sickness and Health’ category,” one person joked. “He must have a super immune system now,” added another with a laugh. “Probably the best vacation ever for your husband,” quipped someone else.

Her husband had to try her breast milk again.

In a different video that went viral, Janelle prepared a blind taste test for her husband, where she tricked him into drinking her breast milk. Without him seeing which was which, Joshua had to drink oat, whole, almond, and breast milk and guess each drink.

And as he tried the breast milk, Joshua had an immediate reaction of discomfort on his face, and he noted, ’’That’s your breast milk. I’m positive.’’

This isn’t the first time Janelle’s breastfeeding experiences have made headlines.

Last year, she shared a video demonstrating how she often feeds her sister’s baby boy. She did this in response to critics who found it unusual and unnatural.

“My sister had just finished breastfeeding her baby, but he was still hungry and wanted more milk. She didn’t have enough, so I said, ‘Give him to me, I’ll feed him for you,’” Janelle explained back then.

“It’s not an everyday thing; I’m not feeding him all the time. But I will help her, and I know she would do the same for me. It shouldn’t be considered strange; it’s just milk, it’s nutrients for the baby.”

Many others chimed in, sharing their own experiences, with one person saying, “My husband’s aunt breastfed our youngest when I was sick and not producing. I’ve also breastfed two other babies when needed. We should be there for each other!”

The topic of breastfeeding is still stigmatized. Women who openly share their experiences often face criticism. For example, one mother admitted to breastfeeding her son until he was 6 years old, and she received angry comments in response


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