A Woman Revealed She Is a Lazy Stay-at-Home Mom and She Doesn’t Even Bother About It

5 months ago

Being a stay-at-home parent is really tough, but not everyone appreciates how hard it can be. Amanda Rose, a mom of two, doesn’t hide the fact that her house can get pretty messy. Unlike the perfect pictures we often see on social media, she keeps it real.

Amanda Rose is a self-declared “lazy mom.”

The TikToker who goes by the name Amanda Rose has amassed almost 1 million followers by sharing her everyday vlogs. The mom of 2 isn’t afraid of showing her messy house and admits she just doesn’t like cleaning up after herself. Time and time again, the self-described lazy stay-at-home mom posts about her chaotic home and her attempts to keep it in order.

Amanda faced some criticism, but she believes she’s “a mom, not a maid.”

Due to Amanda showing what her life as a “lazy mom” really is like, she also angered some people who went on to criticize her. Under one of her videos, someone wrote “Girl I got 6 kids and my house is not like this...” while another person added “My house doesn’t need to be spotless, but I need the trash to not be full and the dishes done. That’s all.”

But Amanda Rose reminded people that she considers herself a mom, and not a maid. She prefers to spend time with her kids instead, and clean everything later, instead of constantly cleaning to keep her house in order.

The stay-at-home mom’s honest approach was also appreciated by many.

On the other hand Amanda’s realistic approach to parenting and being a stay-at-home mom also gained the appreciation of many. “Looks like my home, always cleaning, but it never gets clean,” one of her fans reassured her. “Love this. It’s so easy to fall behind on chores & cleaning & we shouldn’t feel bad or embarrassed about it,” someone else agreed. “This is more normal than people realize. You’re a great mama.”

Amanda also shows that she has a time for herself.

Amanda’s not afraid to show the spills, toys everywhere, and the general chaos that comes with having kids. She wants people to know that a messy house doesn’t mean she’s not a good mom — it just means her home is full of the love and laughter that comes with raising a family. And she also tries to carry out the idea of not losing herself in this everyday mess. She shows her hobby — painting, which she enjoyed long before becoming a mother.

Amanda’s story is a reminder that it’s okay not to be a perfect mom. She’s proud of the chaos because it’s a sign of a happy and lively home. By sharing her honest reality, she’s showing the world the real beauty of being a stay-at-home parent, even if it means dealing with a bit of a mess.


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