A Single Mom With Down Syndrome Raised Her Baby Boy Despite Being Deemed a ’Bad Influence’

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A woman with Down syndrome defied expectations and became a single mother to a son with the same condition. Despite the challenges, she has lovingly raised her son for 27 years with the precious help of her mother.

People abandoned her when realized she was pregnant.

In the past, individuals with Down syndrome faced prejudice and forced sterilization, and though such practices are now prohibited, the stigma surrounding their parenthood persists. Lisa, a 30-year-old woman with a stable job and a boyfriend, experienced social rejection when she became pregnant. Her friends severed ties with her, labeling her as a negative influence.

A healthy baby Nic was born.

Similar to Lisa, her baby boy was born with Down syndrome. The child’s father, who was also 25 and had Down syndrome, had met Lisa at their workplace, leading to a romantic relationship. He supported Lisa during the birth, but they later separated.

Lisa’s mother was there every step of the way.

When Lisa informed her mother, Patti, about her pregnancy, it came as a shock. Patti vividly remembers the moment when she received a message from Lisa while at work, revealing the news that she would soon become a grandmother. At the time, Lisa was living independently, and Patti was aware of her relationship but held the mistaken belief that men with Down syndrome were unable to conceive children.

Facing skepticism from even close friends, who suggested open adoption as an alternative, 48-year-old Patti decided to relocate near her daughter and provide assistance in raising her grandson. This choice came despite Patti’s recent remarriage and her initial plans of embarking on global travels.

To establish a division of responsibilities, Lisa took charge of Nic’s diaper bag while Patti provided guidance on its contents. Lisa independently handled tasks such as changing diapers and bathing Nic, with Patti overseeing these activities. Initially, Lisa breastfed her baby for a period of two weeks before transitioning to formula feeding.

Nic can’t be thankful enough to have “2 moms.”

At 27 years old, Nic has been primarily raised by his grandmother, Patti, who is now 75 years old. Lisa, Nic’s mother, lives in a nearby apartment and maintains a strong bond with him. However, at the age of 5, Nic experienced a significant loss when his father passed away from a heart condition. Additionally, Patti’s husband, Norm, whom Nic affectionately referred to as Dad, sadly passed away in 2021.

Whenever Nic speaks of his beloved mother, Lisa, his face lights up, emphasizing her loving and caring nature. Their connection is further deepened through joyful moments of playing games together and leisurely walks, creating treasured memories.

Nic holds Patti in high regard, recognizing her as a great cook. In turn, Patti expresses her heartfelt gratitude for having Nic by her side, particularly since Norm’s passing. Nic’s presence provides invaluable support and assistance, whether it’s helping Patti reach objects or opening stubborn jars.

Nic expresses his gratitude, beaming with appreciation, as he considers himself fortunate to have two incredible mothers in his life, Lisa and Patti, who provide him with unique love and unwavering support.

Lisa’s journey serves as a powerful example, demonstrating that with love and determination, one can overcome any obstacle. She is not alone in defying stereotypes, as there have been notable instances of fathers with Down syndrome making headlines for successfully raising their children and even pursuing careers in medicine. These individuals embody strength and resilience, deserving of our admiration and respect.

Down Syndrome is no longer the barrier that it used to be since people can lead perfectly normal lives and even be supermodels. They just someone to be there for them, like this single dad who adopted a girl that was rejected by multiple families.


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