“I’m More Lips Than Human”, A Woman Struggles to Eat Due to Her Huge Lips but is Determined to Make Them Even Bigger

7 months ago

Vienna Würstel stands out as an extraordinary personality on various fronts. Identifying as a “plastic fantastic” beauty enthusiast, she has recently captivated online audiences with her impressive 30ml lips. Despite facing persistent online trolling, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of fuller lips, sharing her beauty journey and challenges on social media.

Vienna has been causing a significant buzz on the internet.

Vienna Würstel, a self-proclaimed “plastic fantastic” beauty influencer, has undergone a lip enhancement procedure, receiving 30ml of filler. Her noticeably voluminous lips have stirred mixed reactions across the internet.

Residing in Mallorca, Spain, Vienna openly acknowledges the challenges posed by her substantial lip enhancement, confessing that even simple tasks like sipping water become a formidable undertaking. She humorously refers to herself as “more lips than human.” Despite the attention garnered on social media, Vienna doesn’t shy away from the reality that she faces significant criticism, evident in the relentless stream of negative comments beneath her Instagram posts.

Vienna is resolute in her pursuit of making her lips even bigger.

In her recent TikTok video, Vienna disclosed that approximately 30ml of fillers still reside in her lips, expressing her hope for even further enhancement in the future. Undeterred by criticism comparing her to a duck, the courageous and resolute woman remains committed to enlarging her lips.

In her own words, “I really, really wish for even bigger lips and I can’t wait for that.” Vienna candidly admitted that achieving more substantial lips is currently her foremost aspiration. However, this has sparked concern among some users, who question the safety of Vienna’s ongoing plastic surgery procedures.

Vienna asserts that all her beauty procedures are safe and bring her pleasure.

The woman remains steadfast in reassuring her subscribers that the substantial amounts of filler she has chosen are entirely safe. Emphasizing the professionalism and high qualifications of her plastic surgeons, she affirms, “If they weren’t highly qualified, they couldn’t reach the sizes on my face, so yes, I’m safe.”

Despite her admiration for her enhanced pout, Vienna openly acknowledges the challenges she faces, particularly when it comes to drinking. In another clip, the plastic surgery enthusiast admits that eating is relatively smooth for her, as long as it involves softer foods. However, she discloses that drinking beverages proves to be more challenging due to her lips. Vienna shares that, because of her lip size, she sometimes feels it’s difficult to function, but she views it as a personal challenge that she’s determined to adapt to.

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