As Twilight Is Returning As a TV Series, We Imagine the Beloved Characters Being Played by Popular Stars

year ago

It has been years since the Twilight Saga last appeared on the big screen. And recently, exciting news has emerged for fans, as the producers have confirmed that the highly anticipated franchise reboot will be a TV series. Although it’s still unclear whether the original cast will return, we’ve allowed ourselves to imagine the characters portrayed by other beloved actors. And the results left us speechless, to say the least.

1. Harry Styles as Jacob Black

2. Camila Mendes as Rosalie Hale

3. Timothee Chalamet as Edward Cullen

4. Brie Larson as Esme Cullen

5. Sebastian Stan as Carlisle Cullen

6. Jeremy Pope as Laurent

7. Lily Collins as Alice Cullen

8. Austin Butler as Jasper Hale

9. Jenna Ortega as Bella Swan

It’s always fascinating to see how different our favorite movies would’ve looked if other Hollywood stars played the leading roles.


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