Because He Has “Two to Three Years to Live”, 65-Year-Old Dolph Lundgren Defies the Age Gap and Ties the Knot With 27-year-old Partner

9 months ago

In a thrilling twist, the iconic star of action cinema, Dolph Lundgren, has stepped into a fresh chapter of his journey alongside his enchanting 27-year-old partner, Emma Krokdal. Their joyous matrimony serves as a profound rekindling for Dolph, given that he continues to grapple with daunting health concerns. Join us as we delve into the captivating tale of this charming duo and the challenges that intermittently cast shadows over their newlywed felicity.

Lundgren has been secretly battling cancer for years.

In May 2023, the luminary renowned for his role in Rocky IV unveiled a deeply personal revelation. It came to light that he had been courageously battling kidney and liver cancer, embarking on an arduous treatment journey spanning the course of 8 years. The initial diagnosis materialized in the year 2015, prompting Lundgren to undergo a surgical procedure aimed at eradicating the malignant growth. Vigilant in monitoring his well-being through the subsequent years, the horizon of 2020 unveiled another chapter as medical practitioners unearthed additional tumors nestled within his kidney area.

Collectively, Dolph valiantly confronted the challenge of vanquishing six tumors, an endeavor that exacted a toll on his overall well-being. Amid the vibrant tapestry of 2021, the actor found himself engrossed in the cinematic endeavors of both The Expendables 4 and Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, an exertion that didn’t bode well for his ailing state. The medical custodians of his health emphatically advised a respite, urging him to step away.

Thus, in that juncture, Dolph was met with the heart-wrenching revelation that his temporal sphere bore the weight of a mere “two or three years,” a prognosis that left an indelible mark of devastation. Yet, unyielding in his spirit, he refused to capitulate, summoning a formidable resolve to persevere.

Seeking a fresh perspective, Lundgren embarked on a journey to consult with a distinct specialist, driven by the pursuit of a second opinion. This quest bore fruit as he was apprised of alternative avenues to combat his cancer, a stroke of fortune that proved to be a harbinger of success. As the sands of time cascaded into the embrace of 2022, a remarkable transformation unfolded — the tumors, once imposing and relentless, yielded to the tenacity of the treatment. Their stature diminished by a staggering 90%, a testament to the efficacy of the chosen path.

He found a new appreciation for life.

Coincidentally, Dolph did not traverse this arduous stretch in solitude. In the year 2020, a serendipitous turn of events saw his path intersect with that of a Norwegian personal trainer, Emma Krokdal, marking the commencement of an engagement. Notwithstanding the notable disparity of four decades in their ages, the couple’s existence appears to be cocooned in an aura of unbridled happiness. An eloquent testament to their bond resides in a heartfelt homage that Emma penned on the occasion of Dolph’s birthday. Within its lines, she adorns him with descriptors of utmost reverence: “the most caring, loving, hard-working, talented, and thoughtful partner I could ever ask for.”

Their journey towards matrimony unfolded over an extended span, as Dolph reveals, shaped by a tapestry of circumstances and the meandering trajectory of “challenging medical treatments.” The aspiration to unite in marital bonds had to be postponed on numerous occasions. However, the stars aligned and destiny interwove its threads, culminating in a momentous chapter.

On the sun-kissed shores of July 13, 2023, Emma and Dolph exchanged heartfelt vows in the embrace of their Mykonos villa. The sanctity of the occasion reverberated with a resounding celebration of “love, life, and happiness,” encapsulating the very essence of their union.

Dolph Lundgren’s fearless commitment to love’s profound journey mirrors the stories of 13 remarkable souls whose lives were forever changed by their unwavering bonds with partners much older or younger.


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