Camila Cabello Bluntly Shared What Was Behind Her Ice Purse Creation and People Were Shocked Not Only With It

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At the Met Gala, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on May 6, Camila Cabello turned heads with her distinctive ice clutch. The 2024 Met Gala featured a plethora of unforgettable fashion moments, and Camila’s unconventional accessory stood out with its captivating tale behind it.

Camila Cabello explained her unique accessory choice to Extra, saying, "I feel like it is impermanence and things decaying over time and the beauty in that."

True to its theme, the ice clutch didn't last the night. The former Fifth Harmony star revealed that the purse had transformed during the event. "It was a purse," she said, "but then it broke about 5 minutes into being in line, so I called my stylist like, ‘What do I do?’"

With some quick thinking, Cabello decided to hold the remaining piece like a clutch and remarked, "We're just trying things here."

The clutch wasn't just a block of ice. Designed by Jane Wade, it also featured a copper rose, echoing the single flower on the gala's invitations, tying into the overall theme beautifully.

Cabello's outfit included more nods to the theme of "beauty in decay." Her stunning gown, designed by Ludovic de Saint Sernin, weighed 15 pounds and was adorned with 250,000 Swarovski crystals. The dress had intentional rips at the bottom, linking back to her theme of impermanence. To complete her look, she wore iridescent makeup and styled her hair in a "wet" ponytail.

The "Señorita" singer had the gala's "Garden of Time" theme in mind when assembling her outfit, but she was also inspired by something else — her upcoming album, C,XOXO, set to release on June 28.

"It's Miami-themed," she shared with Variety, "so we're dripping, we're wet." This statement not only ties back to her album's theme, but also cleverly connects with her look and the gala's overall ambiance.

Fans were completely taken aback when they learned that Camila's purse choice was actually made from real ice. The revelation left them stunned, especially as they grasped the unusual material of her accessory.

  • It's real ice she said it in an interview, and I saw water droplets falling off, I thought it was glass at first too until I saw that. © thebossdos / Instagram
  • The way the purse turned into a clutch, and then you held it for so long? Hats off to your commitment girl. © intotheloving / Instagram

Not all were delighted by Cabello's accessory and sincerely shocked by price, calling it "grotesque" and even accusing her of being "completely out of touch".

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