15 People Whose Bold-o-meter Went Beyond the Limits

7 months ago

We have all met people who are extremely arrogant at some point in our lives. It could be a pizza delivery person who spends 10 minutes blaming you for the difficulty of finding your apartment. Or a fellow passenger on public transport who says the annoying phrase, “Give me your seat, now”. And sometimes, you wonder how to keep your sanity.

  • Once, my sister came to visit me in my village from another town. There was a shop near my house, and there was always a rude old woman outside the shop. It was a hot day, and my sister and I walked around the village. We went one way, and then, when we came back, my sister wanted to give the old woman some fresh oranges that we had bought. But she said, “Did you run back and forth just to give me oranges?” I could hear the resentment in her voice. My sister was very surprised because she didn’t expect such a reaction: people in her town were very different. I was surprised too. I didn’t think I would encounter such rudeness. © ochenkrutoynick / Pikabu
  • A while ago, we were selling and buying a flat. We started with an agency, but then, due to their incompetence and dishonesty, we decided to terminate the contract with them and sell our flat to the buyers directly. The contract was cancelled officially. We sold and bought the flat.
    Today, I got a call. D. is the director of the agency. I am myself.
    D.: “I heard that you sold and bought the flat.”
    ME: “SO?”
    D.: “You have to pay me! We were looking for buyers for you!”
    Me: “We ended the contract with you because you broke its terms. Before the deal. Officially.”
    D: “Is that what you are like?”
    Me: “Yes. Goodbye.”
    © Rijuh / Pikabu
  • My brother was looking for a job. He got an offer to work as a PC operator in a grocery store. They put him in front of the computer and said, “We will train you.” My brother was young and inexperienced. After a week of working 5/2 for 8 hours a day, he went to the manager to ask about the internship conditions: how much he would be paid, how long it would last. He was told that the internship was unpaid; they didn’t know when he would be hired; they would let him know when there was a vacancy. When he left the office, the head of the department shouted after him, “And don’t forget to get a medical certificate, otherwise it’s illegal.” © haffchic / Pikabu
  • A neighbor bought a stroller and a video camera from me. She used them for a few months, and then she wanted me to refund her the money for both. And the same amount I sold them for. She said she didn’t need the items anymore and they had lost their value. I was appalled. © Svetlana Yakubova / Facebook
  • Worked in a popular restaurant for a while. We usually have quite a long wait (30-40min waits) during dinner service and people are told by the hosts about this. There was this lady that got fed up with the wait after 10 mins. She stormed into the restaurant, stood next to a table of 4 people and literally asked them “Are you guys done? We’ve been waiting for a long time now and would like to have the table if you guys are just chatting...”. Was completely mindblown how people can pull something like this in public. © daofuu / Reddit
  • I own a restaurant. Sometimes I invite my friends over and treat them. But one of them came to my place recently. She had a sparkle in her eyes. “Guess what, I’m getting married.” She asked me if she could have her wedding at my place. I said yes. We discussed the menu, and I gave her the total price with a discount. And she was shocked: she thought that since we were friends, I would do everything for free. That’s some nerve. © Overheard / Ideer

“Someone was kind enough to help rearrange the books in my little library last night.”

  • Friends of ours brought their 3-year-old over to our new apartment a few years back. I had just bought a brand-new wood coffee table, which was unfinished; the wood wasn’t glossed but just stained wood with no sealant. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and drinks with my husband, and while I was doing that our friends had given their kid a pack of magic markers and sat him down at our coffee table to color without asking. I come back out with drinks to find my table absolutely covered in doodles and multi-colored marks all over. They weren’t the washable kinds. Both our friends were sitting there with their kid just watching him draw all over my table, as if nothing was weird or wrong about it. © PauseAndReflect / Reddit
  • My friend and I share an apartment. We agreed to change the sink because it was old. We got some plumbers, showed them the work, and then went back to our room. Then I decided to check on their progress and went to the kitchen. I entered, and they were eating our watermelon that was on the table. © Overheard / Ideer

“I am a cinema worker and have to clear up after these delightful people.... yes, sadly the boxes are still half full of soggy cereal and milk.”

  • Today, I went to the shrimp shop to buy some fresh shrimp. I chose to get some raw ones that I could cook later. As I approached the fridge, I saw a man standing there, scooping some shrimp for himself. I noticed that he was not taking all the shrimp, but only picking the bigger ones. He would toss the smaller ones back into the fridge. I did not mind his preference, so I let him be. But then I took a closer look: he was ripping off the heads of the shrimp and throwing them back into the fridge! © Lobas / Pikabu
  • I ordered some furniture with delivery service. The delivery crew brought everything to my place. But the manager, who handled the paperwork, lingered for a while. He was clearly expecting a tip. However, I had spent all my money on the furniture. Moreover, I had paid extra for additional services (elevator, unpacking, etc.), so I had nothing left to give. Finally, the manager walked me to the door. I was wearing an oriental cape at that time. He said to me, “We have done everything from our side. We hope you are satisfied and show us some gratitude, so to speak.” I replied automatically, “You will feel it. I will cleanse your karma.” I meant to say, “I will add to your karma.” But he looked at my cape with horror and quickly left. © Helena V Kon / Facebook
  • Today, I went to a small office to buy some items for repairs. On the counter, there was a transparent box with a sign that said “Help the staff go to the sea / coffee / holiday”. A man was paying in front of me, and his total was not a round number. He took out some notes and said, “Oh, I don’t have any change.” Then he grabbed a five-dollar note from the box and added it to his payment. The sellers and buyers looked at him in shock. © Max51 / Pikabu

“I made brownies. My fiance wanted to irritate me.”

  • I went to the ticket office and bought a plane ticket with a window seat. When I boarded the plane, I found a young lady sitting in my seat. I asked her to move, but she refused. She said she wanted to sit by the window because she liked it. I had no choice but to call the flight attendant. © R.CH. / Facebook
  • Two months ago, I moved out of an apartment. I had paid everything in full, including the utilities according to the meters, and then returned the keys. But recently, the landlady called me and demanded that I pay for the “utilities”. She claimed that I still lived in the apartment, even though she had not found any new tenants. © #463536 / Bash.im

Sometimes, we encounter situations that we wish to avoid altogether. A few minutes of dealing with rude people can ruin our mood for the whole day. Do you recall any instances when you felt so angry that you could see steam coming out of your ears?


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