Goldie Hawn Enjoys Being a Grandmother and Even Took a 15-Year Break to Spend Time with Family

5 months ago

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are one of Hollywood’s strongest couples. Their special relationship extends not only to each other but also to their children and grandchildren. Goldie readily shares how she spends time with her beloved grandchildren, of which she has seven, by the way.

She has 7 grandchildren.

Goldie was married twice. After her second divorce in 1982, the actress got together with her co-star Kurt Russell. The couple never officially married, but they never parted ways either.

Goldie’s only daughter, actress Kate Hudson, has made her a grandmother 3 times over — the same number as her eldest son, Oliver. Wyatt, Goldie’s son with Russell, also has a child. In total, Goldie Hawn has 7 grandchildren, ranging from 2 to 19 years old.

Grandchildren call her Gogo.

With the arrival of their grandchildren, Goldie Hawn and her partner Kurt Russell have acquired cute nicknames. The younger members of the family call the actors Gogo and Gogi. Their mutual son, Wyatt, says that it started with the birth of Kate and Oliver. Russell was first called Gogi, and then Hawn got the nickname Gogo. Since then, the tradition has never been broken.

She lives not far from her grandchildren.

According to her eldest son Oliver, they have a large, close-knit family, and Hawn and Russell are excellent grandparents. In order to be directly involved in raising their grandchildren, Goldie and Kurt moved to a location near their children. They all settled in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood in Los Angeles. Their good neighborhood allows their grandchildren to visit their celebrity grandmother frequently in her mansion.

She practices conscious upbringing.

In 2003, Hawn took a break from her acting career and founded MindUP. This organization offers learning programs about mental health and training the brains of children. They are accessible for parents, kids, and schools.

Goldie admits that she realized she wanted to do it after her kids grew up, but this method works on her grandchildren. "They’ve taken MindUP principles and offered them to their kids, and they’re doing great.

It was precisely during that time that Goldie took a break from the film industry, dedicating herself to foundation work and making an effort to spend more time with her family. Now, the actress has triumphantly returned to the big screen, but she continues to prioritize family over her career.

She advised her grandchildren to be humble.

Goldie adores being a grandmother, and she sees this role as something very important. In one of her latest interviews, the actress talked about the main principles for her grandkids. “You have to work for a living, be compassionate and be realistic. I try to pass on what my father taught me: be humble and stand with both feet on the ground. The rest is up to them. Being there for them and knowing that they will have to solve things themselves is hard enough as it is.”

Goldie and Kurt’s children appreciate their contribution.

The actors have a very close-knit family, and the children value the upbringing they received from Goldie and Kurt, as well as their involvement in the lives of their grandchildren. “My parents are amazing grandparents. We’re a very tight-knit family. We all live very close to each other. They’re amazing people, amazing grandparents, amazing parents,” Oliver said.

It will be interesting to see if Goldie Hawn’s grandchildren will resemble her when they grow up. Meanwhile, we can look at other celebrity grandchildren who have already grown up and compare them to their famous grandparents.


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